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Join Us in Spreading Awareness for Crash Responder Safety Week

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Posted on February 5, 2024

We see the aftermath of car accidents every day, which is why it is our duty to educate the community on the importance of driver safety. If you are on major roadways from November 13th through November 17th, you may see electronic signs that say “Crash Responder Safety Week.” This is what those signs mean.   

What Does This Week Mean? 

Nearly every week, a first responder is killed while helping to clear a roadway crash, and many more sustain life-altering injuries.  

Crash Responder Safety Week (CRSW) is a national effort to both protect responders who are at the scene of highway crashes and remind the public of their responsibility to use caution when driving near these incidents. Organizations across the country, including law enforcement, fire, towing and recovery, emergency medical services, transportation and public works and other responders, call for increased safety on roadways, as they risk their lives while saving others.    

“We owe our nation’s first responders a huge debt of gratitude for the work they do – not only during Crash Responder Safety Week, but all 52 weeks of the year. On behalf of the U.S. Department of Transportation, we are committed to improving safety for all road users and that includes responders who deserve to go home safely to their families as well,” said Federal Highway Administrator Shailen Bhatt.  

Protect Those Who Protect You 

Let Crash Responder Safety week serve as a reminder of safe and courteous roadway habits and laws that you should be following.  

  1. Follow the Move Over law, which requires drivers to move over one lane, if possible, when passing emergency vehicles stopped on the side of the road.  
  1. Stay Focused by avoiding distractions while driving. Stay off Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and all other apps while you are behind the wheel. That temporary distraction can cause a lifetime of suffering for you or others on the road.  
  1. Be Patient and recognize that emergency responders are working to save lives and manage challenging situations. Even though traffic caused by an accident can be inconvenient, be compassionate and allow responders the safe conditions they need to do their jobs.  

Our accident lawyers in South Jersey want to remind you to stay safe on the roads as the weather gets colder and people are rushing to keep to their holiday schedules. Most of all, remember to proceed with caution when approaching an accident. Our first responders are at an increased risk of injury or death, due to the nature of their work dealing with traffic, unpredictable situations, and sometimes adverse weather conditions.