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Monday Motivation: Another Inspiring Poem for Alcohol Awareness Month

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Posted on April 17, 2023

With each sip, I thought I had control,

But alcohol took over, body and soul.

My days were blurry, my nights a haze,

And soon enough, I was lost in its maze.

I thought I was fine, just having some fun,

But alcohol addiction had already begun.

It took over my life, consumed every thought,

And the more I drank, the more I sought.

But one day I woke up tired and alone,

My body aching, my mind unknown,

I knew I needed help, to break free,

From the chains of addiction that had captured me.

It wasn’t easy, the road to recovery,

But with each day sober, I found new discovery,

Of strength and hope, and a life worth living,

Without the crutch of alcohol, I could start forgiving.

Forgiving myself for the mistakes I’ve made,

And for the people I hurt along the way.

But now, I stand with a clear mind and heart,

Ready to make a new start.

Let’s stand together, this April and beyond,

In the fight against addiction, we are strong,

And with each step forward, we take back control,

From the grip of alcohol that once held our soul.