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A Guide to New Jersey’s No-Fault Car Accidents

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Posted on March 19, 2024

The aftermath of a car accident can be confusing and stressful. Medical bills pile up, wages are lost and dealing with insurance can sometimes feel like a maze. In states like New Jersey, no-fault laws are put into place to help you pay personal injury claims quickly. Unlike fault states, where lawsuits depend on proving who caused the accident, no-fault states streamline the legal process.   

How does this impact my insurance and legal options?

Regardless of who is at fault, your own Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance will cover:

  • Necessary medical expenses resulting from the accident, up to a certain amount.
  • A portion of lost wages, if your injuries prevent you from working.
  • Essential services in some cases, if you can’t perform household chores due to your injuries.

Although lawsuits are generally restricted in no-fault states, there are exceptions when your injuries meet certain thresholds of severity. If your accident resulted in:

  • Death
  • Dismemberment
  • Significant disfigurement or scarring
  • Displaced fractures
  • Permanent Injury (a doctor must certify the injury is permanent)

You may still have the right to pursue legal action against the driver at-fault for additional compensation beyond your PIP coverage.

Car accidents and the legal injury process can be confusing, which is why you need a personal injury attorney.

At Grungo Law Firm, our experienced personal injury attorneys are experts in navigating the legal process of no-fault laws. We can help you:

  • File and manage your PIP claim to help you receive the maximum benefits entitled to you under the law.
  • Evaluate your case to determine if you qualify for a lawsuit based on the severity of your injuries from the accident.
  • Advocate for your best interests throughout the entire legal process.

No-fault laws can be a safety net, however, navigating them effectively is crucial. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Grungo Law Firm to guide you through the legal process.

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