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The Meaning Behind The Sword In Our Logo

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Posted on July 13, 2020

“Si vis pacem, Para Bellum” (If you want peace, prepare for war)

-Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus

In the world of personal injury law, a trial is a battle between a wrongly harmed party and those responsible for the harm. Although these cases rarely make the news or show up on the radar of the communities they take place in, their value to society can never be understated. Personal injury cases affect corporate and national policy significantly, establishing important precedents and pushing back on dangerous practices that harm the people of this country.

When Grungo Law was founded in 2015, we knew we would have the opportunity to influence not only our local areas of South Jersey and Philadelphia but society as a whole. Along with that opportunity came a responsibility to wield this power responsibly and do the most good we are able to. The sword in our logo reminds everyone involved in our organization of the duty we all carry when we seek justice for our clients.

More Than Just Sabre-Rattling

The blade is one of the earliest tools developed by humans, used for a variety of tasks; it displays versatility and efficacy in tackling almost any task. We believe that these qualities also embody what our firm does, assisting with everything from car accident cases and medical malpractice to sexual assault or nursing home abuse.

The sword represents our willingness to do battle. We believe that every case should be prepared to go to trial, not merely for a settlement. Soldiers across the world carried swords or scimitars into battle as late as World War Two, they were all ready, just as we are to step and use the tools at their disposal to fight for something important.



bat·​tle | \ ˈba-tᵊl

: a struggle to succeed or survive


Like a weapon of any type, the primary goal of having it is never to need to use it, and in keeping with that idea, our attorneys explore the avenues that allow us to reach a just resolution for our clients before trial. However, when a resolution cannot be reached, we keep each of our tools sharp and ready to fight for the ruling that benefits our client.

The Sword Lawyers

“Pray for peace, prepare for trial,” our firm mantra, was inspired by the words of a great Roman general. Likewise, our logo was inspired by ancient Roman tradition, evoking the iconic silhouette of the Roman gladius, a tool given to every infantryman, that allowed their empire to conquer their foes.

Around our office, you’ll notice several references to antiquity. From reproductions of ancient war helmets to paintings of soldiers preparing for conflict, it helps to remind us that, as lawyers,  the fight for justice is one that stretches back to the beginnings of history and continues on in our office today.


We believe that everyone deserves justice. If you would like to know more about what our personal injury law firm can do for you, contact us today.