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Every company’s goal is to make money. However, with that goal comes a legal responsibility to make products that do not pose an unnecessary risk of harm to consumers. Companies must design products in a way that will not cause harm when a customer uses them as directed. Additionally, a manufacturer must provide adequate warnings of potential hazards and instructions for correct use. Unfortunately, many companies violate this duty and subsequently cause injuries to consumers.

If you suffered unexpected adverse effects after consuming a medication, a skilled Evesham Township defective products lawyer may be able to help you hold negligent manufacturers responsible for their failures. An experienced personal injury attorney could work with you to gather evidence, evaluate and measure your losses, and demand appropriate compensation for your losses.

Proving Product Liability

Claims which center around defective products involve proving product liability. State law holds manufacturers strictly liable for any damages that a consumer suffers as a result of using their product as directed. However, it is an injured claimant’s responsibility to establish that a negligent company allowed a defective product to enter the market.

Specifically, New Jersey Revised Statute §2A:58C-2 offers three legal theories that a plaintiff may cite to prove product liability:

  • The company released the product into the market after a manufacturing defect
  • The manufacturer did not provide adequate warnings about potential hazards associated with the product or failed to provide proper instructions for safe use
  • The company’s design was inherently flawed and resulted in a safety risk

Regardless of the exact nature of a company’s negligence, a seasoned Evesham Township defective products attorney could help you choose a legal path that works best for your needs.

Potential Pitfalls in a Defective Products Case

A company may allege that an injured person did not use a product as intended. For example, if a person uses a chair as a ladder to change a light bulb, the chair’s manufacturer may argue that this was not an intended use of the product and thereby relinquish liability.

Defendants in a defective product case may also argue that the plaintiff waited too long to bring a case for damages. NJ Rev. Stat. §2A:14-2 states that injured individuals generally have two years from the date of an accident to file a claim in court. A diligent defective products lawyer in Evesham Township could help you meet these crucial deadlines and obtain compensation for your losses.

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Every company that does business in Evesham Township has the responsibility to make products that function as intended and do not harm a user. State law holds manufacturers strictly liable for any injuries that result from a defective design, a failure to provide proper instructions, or errors in the manufacturing process.

However, proving these cases can be a complex undertaking without qualified legal guidance. Fortunately, a successful defective products claim can provide compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and emotional anguish. Reach out to an Evesham Township defective products lawyer today to learn more about your potential recovery.