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Property owners and managers have a responsibility to maintain safe conditions on their premises. If you suffered an injury while visiting someone’s property, you might have a valid claim for damages against the landowner or manager.

Consult an Evesham Township premises liability lawyer for detailed information about pursuing compensation for your injury. Our personal injury attorneys could help you hold a negligent property owner accountable in a civil claim for damages.

Events that Could Trigger Premises Liability

While slips and falls commonly form the basis of successful premises liability lawsuits, a broad range of property accidents can support a claim for damages, such as:

  • Respiratory problems due to carpet off-gassing in an apartment
  • Drowning or near-drowning at a municipal swimming pool
  • Dog bites
  • Mental health consequences of being trapped in an elevator
  • Whiplash from a roller coaster or other amusement park ride
  • Burns from a radiator in an office building
  • Injuries suffered in an assault in a parking garage, shopping plaza, or apartment complex

Whenever an individual gets hurt on someone else’s property, consulting an Evesham Township premises liability attorney should be a priority. The sooner a lawyer is retained, the sooner they can begin collecting evidence of a property owner or manager’s negligence.

Determining Liability for a Property Accident

Premises liability law obligates property owners and managers to take reasonable steps to protect visitors from foreseeable harm. The degree of care a landowner must use depends on the type of visitor on the property. A knowledgeable attorney in Evesham Township could assess whether a property owner or manager violated their duty of care in a specific premises liability case.


Property owners who operate businesses or public spaces in Evesham Township owe the highest duty of care to their customers, known as “invitees.” They must make regular inspections to discover hidden dangers, make prompt repairs to hazards, and warn invitees about dangerous conditions which cannot be remedied in a timely manner.


People who enter a property for their own benefit with the landowner’s knowledge and permission are called “licensees.” Property owners have no obligation to inspect their premises for dangers or to repair hazardous conditions for the licensee’s protection. However, they must warn a licensee of any dangers that are not open and obvious.


A landowner in Evesham Township does not owe any level of protection to someone who enters their property without permission. There is an exception, known as the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine, if the trespasser is a child and the property has a feature that might attract a child onto the premises.

Examples of such features include swimming pools, play equipment, sandpits, sheds, construction equipment, or anything that might entice a child to enter. Property owners who know children might trespass must erect a barrier to prevent entry and access to attractive nuisances that may otherwise harm a child.

Do Not Risk Violating the Statute of Limitations

The state’s statute of limitations for civil lawsuits is generally two years form the date of the accident. If a person files a premises liability lawsuit after the allotted time has passed, a judge will likely dismiss the case, and the claim will expire.

When an accident occurs on government property, such as a township office or public park, state law requires the injured person to put the local government agency on notice of their intent to sue within 90 days of the incident.

Securing legal counsel soon after a property accident could help preserve an injured person’s right to bring a premises liability lawsuit in Evesham Township. An attorney at our firm could file the necessary documents correctly, on time, and with the appropriate office on behalf of an injured person.

Work with an Evesham Township Attorney to file a Premises Liability Claim

If you were hurt on someone else’s property due to their negligence, you deserve compensation for your losses. Let an Evesham Township premises liability lawyer on our team walk you through the process and fight for your right to receive a comprehensive settlement or jury verdict.

Do not delay retaining capable legal counsel. Schedule an appointment for a case review.