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Evesham Township Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

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Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are very serious conditions which may never fully heal. Severe head trauma is characterized by lesions in the skull and abnormal brain activity. These injuries can have serious and long-lasting consequences on victims and their families.

If you or a loved one suffered severe head trauma in an accident caused by another person’s negligence, you should enlist the services of a qualified catastrophic injury attorney. Consider speaking with a knowledgeable Evesham Township traumatic brain injury lawyer today to determine whether your circumstances qualify you to seek compensation.

Sustaining Severe Head Trauma

Traumatic brain injuries are incredibly dangerous and are often caused by avoidable accidents. Motor vehicle operators and pedestrians are especially susceptible to sustaining severe head trauma in a traffic collision, for example. Head-on and side-impact car wrecks also commonly cause TBIs.

Head trauma could also result from slip and fall accidents. A landowner who fails to remedy a hazardous condition on his or her property could be required to reimburse any damages a visitor suffers in a subsequent accident. A dedicated Evesham Township head trauma attorney could help you identify potentially liable parties and pursue damages from them on your behalf.

Proving Fault in TBI Cases

In order to recover a monetary sum, an injured plaintiff must demonstrate that the defendant is responsible for the incident which caused his or her damages. However, an at-fault party may allege that a claimant contributed to his or her own injuries in order to avoid paying damages.

Since Evesham Township courts use contributory negligence to determine fault in a civil claim, a jury would award compensation to a plaintiff as long as he or she is less than 50 percent responsible for their TBI. According to New Jersey Revised Statutes §2A:15-5.1, a claimant who is found partially liable would have his or her compensation reduced in proportion to their assigned percentage of fault.

Legal Time Limits for Filing a Civil Claim in Evesham Township

If you sustained a TBI in an Evesham Township accident, you generally have two years from the date of your injury to file a complaint in court. This statute of limitations is outlined in NJ Rev Stat §2A:14-2. Claimants who attempt to file after this period expires risk losing the chance to obtain legal recovery.

The process of initiating a civil suit is complicated. Fortunately, an experienced TBI lawyer in Evesham Township may be able to help expedite the filing process and alleviate some legal burdens.

Seek Guidance from an Evesham Township Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Today

There are many things to consider when measuring your losses and pursuing damages in court. The assistance of a qualified legal team could be invaluable during litigation and may increase your chances of obtaining maximum compensation.

If another party recklessly caused an accident which lead to your severe head trauma, consider reaching out to a well-versed Evesham Township traumatic brain injury lawyer. Get in touch with our firm today to start reviewing the details of your case.