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If you suffered an injury from slipping and falling while at a public place or private property, a seasoned personal injury attorney may be able to help. Discussing your case with a dedicated Evesham Township slip and fall lawyer could help you pursue financial reimbursement for your losses. Call our team today and set up a consultation.

The Costs of a Slip and Fall Injury

Unfortunately, recovering from a trip and spill injury can be costly. An emergency room trip alone can be expensive, and follow-up treatments incur even more costs. Additionally, ongoing medical expenses for permanent disabilities can be especially difficult to pay, especially when an injury causes a victim to miss work.

For this reason, a civil suit can seek compensation for lost wages as well as diminished future earning capacity. A knowledgeable Evesham Township slip and fall attorney may be able to provide guidance on the full scope of damages available through litigation.

Steps to Take after an Evesham Township Trip and Spill

The effects of a slip and fall accident can be severe depending on the circumstances, so it may be important that you take appropriate steps to promptly address your injuries as well as preserve evidence for your case. Your health is the most important consideration, so you should seek immediate medical attention for the harm you suffered. Working with a doctor after your accident can promote the preservation of evidence which may otherwise deteriorate over time.

Preserving Proof

In the early stages of an accident investigation, the cause of a fall may not be immediately discernable. It could be crucial to keep the shoes and clothes you wore during the spill and maintain their condition. For example, if a property owner alleges that your footwear contributed to your accident, you might be able to provide evidence to the contrary.

Likewise, it is critical to keep a copy of everything that relates to the accident, from photographs to official reports. However, pursuing an injury claim without the help of a seasoned professional can be challenging.

Not only are there legal deadlines to meet, but mistakes in the handling of a case early on can harm its overall value. An experienced slip and fall lawyer in Evesham Township could help you gather and preserve crucial evidence to strengthen your claim.

Mistakes to Avoid

It is recommended that you only discuss your case with qualified legal counsel. For instance, it is generally, important to avoid discussing your fall on social media, since statements on social media could be problematic if your case goes to trial.

This practice may be especially important when it comes to the opposing party’s insurance company, which will typically call immediately after an incident hoping to get a recorded statement before you have the chance to retain legal help. The goal of any insurance company undertaking this kind of action is typically to elicit a statement that can be held against you later.

Protect Your Rights with Help from an Evesham Township Slip and Fall Attorney

If you suffered an injury in a trip and spill accident on someone else’s land, you might have a valid claim for damages as long as the property’s inadequate safety measures led to the incident. Call a skilled Evesham Township slip and fall lawyer today for help with protecting your rights. Let us help you recover compensation.