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Evesham Township Parking Lot Accidents

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While drivers typically travel through parking lots at low speeds, many accidents take place in these settings. These collisions are usually less severe than other car crashes, but they can result in significant losses.

If you were seriously injured in an Evesham Township parking lot accident, a dedicated member of our legal team could seek compensatory damages in court on your behalf. A car accident attorney from our firm could help alleviate your burden and pursue maximum financial recovery for your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and more.

Determining Right of Way in Parking Lots

It is not always easy to identify who has the right of way in parking lots. In many situations, driving lanes are lined with parked cars on both sides, and through lines create the perimeter of the lot.

Typically, parked or approaching cars are required to yield the right of way to drivers who are passing through the lanes. However, a motorist in the through lane who ignores a stop or yield sign could be held liable for a subsequent crash.

Reporting Laws

When a driver is involved in a car crash that causes injuries or property damage resulting in at least $500 worth of losses, motorists are required to report the collision to their local police department. Under New Jersey Statutes §39:4-130, a driver must file a written accident report within ten days of being involved in an Evesham Township parking lot collision.

Identifying Liable Parties

A knowledgeable attorney could help an injured individual determine who is liable for the collision and pursue a claim for damages on his or her behalf. A parking lot accident could involve several responsible parties. For example, a claimant may be able to obtain compensation from the other motorist as well as the owner of the parking lot.

In Evesham Township, commercial property owners are required to keep their premises safe and free of hazardous conditions. A parking lot defect such as cracked pavement could cause an accident and may create liability for the property owner in a civil lawsuit. However, someone hurt under those circumstances would have to prove that the property owner knew or should have known about the hazardous condition, failed to resolve the issue and that he or she was directly injured as a result.

Regardless of the fact patterns which surround an Evesham Township parking lot accident, the plaintiff could be entitled to financial recovery if the other motorist was negligent in some way. A skilled legal advocate with a thorough understanding of local and state laws could conduct a comprehensive investigation of the events leading up to your crash, determine who had the right of way, and seek compensation for your losses.

Learn More About Evesham Township Parking Lot Crashes from an Attorney

If you were injured in an Evesham Township parking lot accident, a local lawyer could help you move forward. Our team of well-versed attorneys could evaluate the circumstances of your injury, identify the liable party or parties, and assist you in exploring your avenues for financial recovery. Call today to schedule a consultation to see what legal options could be available to you.

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