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Severe burns sustained in an accident can be life-changing. In addition to pain and suffering, those who suffer burn injuries may face limited mobility, medical complications, and emotional trauma.

Heat-related injuries may also cause scarring and permanent disfigurement. Procedures are often expensive and may not be covered under many insurance plans.

If you endured a burn in an accident caused by someone else’s careless behavior, you may be able to recover damages for your physical and emotional pain with the help of a diligent catastrophic injury attorney. Speak with an Evesham Township burn injury lawyer immediately to see if you are eligible to seek compensation from responsible parties.

Classifying Heat-Related Injuries

Heat-related injuries are classified by their varying degrees of severity. For example, first-degree burns are often caused by overexposure to the sun, electrical equipment, or minor contact with a flame and only affect the outermost layer of the skin.

Second-degree burns may leave permanent scarring and can damage the flesh below the skin’s outer layer. Both first- and second-degree burns can leave the skin pink and red. Third-degree burns cause serious nerve damage and may turn the skin black.

Finally, fourth-degree burns are severe and sometimes life-threatening injuries that can cause damage to skin, flesh, and bones. With the help of an Evesham Township heat-related injury attorney, you could recover damages in proportion to the severity of your condition from those who are responsible for causing your losses.

Common Causes of Serious Burns

Many burn injuries are the result of someone’s reckless misconduct. For instance, electrical outlets can be extremely dangerous when damaged or installed incorrectly. Sometimes, property owners who know about unsafe wiring fail or neglect to remedy it. If an occupant is burned as a result, the proprietor could be required to reimburse his or her losses.

Furthermore, companies who fail to provide safe worksites may be liable for any injuries their employees suffer. Workers also rely on adequate training to handle hazardous materials. Business owners who do not properly train their employees on how to perform their job duties could face civil liability for any accidents caused by a worker.

Filing a Claim In New Jersey

In Evesham Township, those who are injured because of another party’s negligence may be able to recover their subsequent damages. Plaintiffs seeking compensation for their burn injuries must do so before the statute of limitations expires. Per New Jersey Revised Statutes §2A:14-2, claimants who suffer burn injuries in an accident generally have two years to file a civil claim for compensation.

Next, plaintiffs will need to demonstrate eligibility for damages. This means establishing the losses which followed a burn injury and proving another party’s fault for causing them. However, an at-fault party may allege that an injured claimant is responsible for his or her own damages.

Fortunately, an individual who is partially liable for his or her burns may still recover damages in a civil lawsuit. According to NJ Rev Stat §2A:15-5.1, as long as a plaintiff’s assigned percentage of fault is 50 percent or less, he or she can recover their losses in court.

This is referred to as contributory negligence by local courts, and it directly impacts a claimant’s compensatory award, which would be reduced in proportion to his or her share of liability. A burn injury lawyer in Evesham Township could offer more insight about what to expect from the legal process involved with pursuing compensation.

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Many burn victims have no way to prevent these kinds of incidents. Whether you were burned at work, in your car, or from exposure to faulty electrical wiring, you may be able to pursue monetary damages from those whose caused your injuries. You can speak with an Evesham Township burn injury lawyer to learn more about your legal options. Call today to schedule an appointment.