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Grungo Law Firm Has a Banner Year in 2022

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Posted on January 9, 2023

Our firm enters 2023 with pride and gratitude. We are grateful for our ability to give back to the community through the GC Giving Back Foundation. We are so proud of being able to support our hard-working employees in so many meaningful ways. And we truly value our community…not only with donations, but also by expanding our services to a new location. Here is a recap of what we accomplished at our Grungo LawFirm in 2022: 

Grungo Law Gives Back to South Jersey Communities

We were able to make an impact on local families within our communities with our give back initiatives. As we are always identifying new ways to get involved, we are proud to share these accomplishments with you. The Grungo LawFirm has always believed in giving back to the communities in which we serve. We volunteer our time, support local organizations, participate in charity events, and host fundraisers. We make it our responsibility to making a positive impact in the world around us.

In addition to the importance of the causes we support, what is also very important is the ways in which we can build stronger, more connected communities through our efforts. In every event we sponsor, like the Bikes for Kids program, or participating in the Nami walk for Suicide Prevention, the most heartwarming aspect is the sense of community and belonging that is created. Coming together to support causes is a very uplifting experience, to help organizations and foundations and because it strengthens our family. The causes we support are powerful and encourage the betterment of the community.

Supporting a Variety of Causes

Throughout the entire year of 2022, The Grungo LawFirm donated or raised  over $13,000 to numerous causes, not limited to organizations like the Children’s Home Society of New Jersey, Save the Children, Sea Tow Foundation, Legacy Treatment Service, SJ Moms, Sunflower of Peace Fundraiser, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and the Veteran’s Memorial Family School. We raised over an estimated $8,415 for the causes we participated in through efforts like the NAMI walk in Vineland for the National Alliance on Mental Illness South Jersey Chapter, our Thanksgiving Food Drive, a fundraiser to aid families in Ukraine, Operation Safe Haven, the Hour of the Darkness Walk at Rowan University, and several others.

Besides monetary aid, our donations like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, 200 hats and 100 gloves to the Veteran’s Memorial Family School in Camden, 8 bikes we gave away to deserving children in Pennsylvania and South Jersey as part of our Bikes for Kids program, 40 life jackets, 40 backpacks with supplies for school children at Pauline Petway Elementary School in Vineland, food for our Thanksgiving drive for the Food Bank of South Jersey, and sponsoring 6 children’s Christmas lists at Legacy, we have made a difference in well over 400 family’s lives just this year.

Choosing Those to Help

Each month, our firm comes together in a collaborative setting with the sole purpose of selecting a cause to participate in or donate to. How we all agree on a cause to become involved in depends on several factors; we choose causes that are near and dear to people on our team, we take note of what occurs in our local communities, are always staying updated on social media, and take note what is appropriate for the time, like coat donations in the winter months. We rely on our networks, look for local causes, and remain knowledgeable about awareness months, like Autism month. 

1st Quarter 

In January, at least two of our clients almost lost their lives due to house fires. After becoming aware of this, our firm donated 24 smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to the Vineland Fire Department utilizing team member donations. 

In February, we wanted to help students, ages 5-13, in need of new hats and gloves. Our team was able to raise enough donations to supply the children with over 200 hats and 100 new gloves, benefitting Ms. Lynch’s class at the Veteran’s Memorial Family School in Camden. At the end of the month, on February 24th, Russia invaded Ukraine, steeply escalating the Russo-Ukrainian War, resulting in one of the largest refugee crises since World War II. This monumental and devastating time left our March initiative as a no-brainer. We were able to raise $1,710 to help acquire medical first aid and humanitarian supplies for the doctors and paramedics to aid the people in Ukraine through the Sunflower of Peace Foundation. 

2nd Quarter

We believe participating and showing up for events is just as important than providing donations. Mental health and overall wellness are difficult topics in the realm of law, as many people in the industry suffer from depression. It is a cause that has affected people close to us, and so in the month of April, Grungo Law raised $1,095 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and ten team members participated in the Hour of the Darkness Walk at Rowan University.

Several members of our team are twins, triplets, or gave birth to twins, so for Mother’s Day in May, we decided to honor moms who have had to do double, triple, and or quadruple duty by offering two $200 “Fun-ships” to moms or expectant mothers of twins and higher-order multiples. These scholarships were given for these moms to do something for her own personal well-being like an art class, dance class, or anything else to fill her cup. We partnered with the South Jersey Mothers of Multiples, a local organization that provides support, direction, information, and fellowship to these mothers or expectant mothers.

Bikes for Kids – Summer

One of Bill Colarulo’s favorite giveback programs is the bi-annual Bikes for Kids Contest. In this program, members from the community fill out a form, nominating a child for a free bike. Through the nominations, we learn of inspiring, young children of all stories and backgrounds. This program has a goal of helping children facing adversity.

However, attorney Christine Lafferty says, “We are not just getting submissions for kids who can’t afford bikes, but for inspiring stories of kids who have overcome the struggles associated with different things like autism.” In June, two deserving recipients, Marquis, Bailee, were our first winners. Marquis was honored for persevering through a very difficult year and turning around his own luck. He was able to earn excellent grades and was nominated for his ability to overcome obstacles. Marquis serves as an inspiration to others trying to make it through hard times.

Our second recipient, Bailee, was nominated for her time spent taking care of the homeless community in Philadelphia through food drives and volunteering at soup kitchens. For being selfless and sharing our values of family and community, she was rewarded with a bike and welcomed into our family at Grungo Law. Bill Colarulo loves how something as simple as receiving a bike brightens the kids’ days. “The kids are so innocent, so for a stranger to come in and brighten their day goes a long way,” he said. Given that many people’s first interactions with a law firm are adversarial, the Bikes for Kids giveaway affords us an opportunity to make a positive first impression on our youth. The program rewards “a very diverse group with very different needs and helps us be more relatable to the communities that we serve,” said Christine.

 3rd Quarter

Our July life jacket drive was a success, as the GC Giving Back Foundation was able to donate 40 life jackets and $100 to the Sea Tow Foundation, a nationwide nonprofit dedicated to providing boating safety education, resources, and tools to eliminate preventable boating accidents, boating under the influence, and death. Through their Life Jacket Loaner Program, the Foundation provides over 83,000 life jackets across 930 life jacket loaner stations across the country available to borrow and return free of charge.

Back to School can be a challenging time for those in need. In August we packed 40 backpacks full of supplies a donated them to the Pauline Petway Elementary School School in Vineland, NJ.

4th Quarter

Our charity event for October was inspired by World Mental Health Day. The firm fundraised to support the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) South Jersey Chapter walk in Vineland. Not only did we raise around $2,000, but we made memories together as 20 of our team members, alongside their family and friends, participated in the walk.

This event was attorney Christine Lafferty’s favorite charity event of the year because of the mission’s focus on mental health. Mental health is a vital area to raise awareness for, given that millions suffer from depression, and in the legal community, many people struggle with their mental health. She recalled the day of the walk as a beautiful day with many beautiful speeches made about mental health awareness. “My favorite type of giving back is physical, so seeing us as our community come together to not only raise money but support a cause physically, that means something to us,” she said. Our team was awarded a pin for being one of the organization’s top fundraisers.

Taking Care of South Jersey Veterans

November was a busy month for the firm, as we tried to spread our presence for the holiday. Our beloved team member, Drenna Marino is a veteran. To honor her and other veterans on Veterans Day, we made a $500 donation to veteran charity Operation Safe Haven, and created a social post, encouraging our followers to donate to them as well.

Operation Safe Haven is a wonderful organization that provides support services, such as equine therapy, peer-to-peer coaching, spouse support life coaches, an outdoor retreat center in Franklinville, NJ, physical therapy and yoga, and housing to provide hope for veterans and First Responders. Many of our heroes suffer from things like PTSD, addiction, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, homelessness, high divorce rates, so we are grateful that we were able to support an organization as important as Operation Safe Haven.

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Following our annual tradition, we hosted a food drive the week of Thanksgiving to ensure that more people could have a nice meal to enjoy on the holiday. Grungo Law team members partnered with the Rowan University Men’s Basketball team. We collected over a whopping 350 pounds of food, surpassing our previous record. Our donations went to the Food Bank of South Jersey. Out of all the GC Give Back initiatives, this one is very special to the hearts of many, including attorney Erica Domingo. Food insecurity is a cause that Erica works closely with in and out of the office. She participated in remote food delivery drop offs over the pandemic. “It is such an important thing because it affects not only adults, but children who can’t help it, and it has such an immediate impact being able to deliver their food– they have it right away,” she said.

Giving Back During the Holidays

The holidays are a very special time for so many, but they look different in every family. As much as we want the holidays to be a cheerful time, it cannot always be that for some families. This unfortunate truth is why we make it our mission to help others whenever we can, and to inspire goodness within the community. In the month of December, we were able to reward 6 more deserving kids with bikes from our Bikes for Kids Content. This program brought out the best within our community, as all recipients are hard workers, have overcome challenges, and continuously better themselves through community service and education.

Another way we decided to give back this holiday season was by sponsoring 6 adolescents through the Legacy Foundation to help fulfill their Christmas wishes. Our team rallied together to raise donations, in conjunction with an allocated $400 for donation, to check items off their Christmas list to make their holidays brighter. The Legacy Treatment Service Foundation supports children, the youth, and adults who have a variety of complex needs “from surviving to thriving.” We feel blessed to have been able to provide these individuals with joy and happiness, even if just temporarily. 

Grungo LawFirm opens Law Office in Vineland, New Jersey

The Grungo LawFirm has represented dozens of clients from Vineland. Also, several team members were born and raised there. Vineland was a natural place to extend our family. In August of 2022, we opened an office at 228 W Landis Ave Suite 102, Vineland, NJ 08360.

The attraction to open an office there is rooted in the core values shared by the city of Vineland. Vineland has similar values to our law firm, those of community, diversity, and putting family first. The community is “hardworking and very family-oriented.” It is also an area we have served in the past. The partners decided they want to make an even bigger impact on a community that shares their values, according to Bill Colarulo. Rich Grungo considers the office “a natural growth and a natural extension” with similar-minded people. In addition to the similitude of fundamental principles, several employees are bilingual, which makes them of great assistance and critically necessary in the Vineland location with Spanish-speaking clients.

Although separated by some distance, the quality of employees and the strength of the culture does not waiver. If you have ever had an interaction with an employee from the firm at any location, the culture becomes evident immediately. It is one of collaboration, open communication, dedication to the client, and dedication to compassion. Erica Domingo, ESQ. noted that a common pitfall of businesses opening different locations is the risk of culture being diluted. But with the Grungo LawFirm, it only gets stronger. Richard Grungo stated, “Our culture [across locations] is the same, and it starts with the people.” 

#MikeSpeaks Takes Over South Jersey

Let’s look at all the eateries our own celebrity, Mike Speaks, tested out in 2022. Starting off the year, Mike was curious to check out claims that Royal Farms had the world’s greatest chicken. He got one of each piece; a wing, breast, thigh, drumstick. Was it the world’s greatest as Mike mistakenly believed the sign said? No, “it’s a bold statement, but world famous? I guess it is,” he said. Mike Speaks’ gold standard for chicken remained Chick-fil-a.

Quest for the Best Bagels in South Jersey

Kicking off the next few months was Mike’s journey to find delicious breakfast sandwiches. The recommendations did not disappoint, and he found some of the best breakfast sandwiches and bagels he’s ever had. Mike and the crew headed to Manhattan Bagel in Cherry Hill, NJ. There he switched up his usual order with bacon, egg, and cheese on a toasted poppy bagel. It was a “homerun.” Perhaps one of Mike’s most highly rated sandwiches to date was at Westmont Bagels Deli & Cafe in Westmont. Mike ordered the Reuben on a sesame bagel. Everything is made fresh on the premises. The bagels are a 100-year-old recipe and it is a family owned and operated business. Mike said that it was, “One of the best bagel sandwiches I’ve ever had, and I’ve been around the world.”

Mike continued the breakfast sandwich challenge at Victoria’s Bagel Bistro in Mount Laurel, NJ. He, again, tried his favorite item, a classic Reuben on a sesame bagel. The bagel was lightly toasted, the corned beef was lean, the cheese was melted to perfection, and there was just the right amount of sauerkraut. The ratio was “absolutely perfect.” The next local spot was K & A Bagel Café in Cherry Hill, where Mike tried the turkey club on a poppy seed bagel. The service was fast, the taste was just as beautiful as its appearance, and his sandwich was a “home-run.”

 #MikeSpeaks Rates Girl Scout Cookies

Unlike his traditional reviews of local businesses, Mike was inspired to sample Girl Scout cookies to show his support. The Girl Scout cookie haul is perhaps the most controversial of Mike Speaks’ episodes. Mike was presented with eight different kinds of cookies, some classics, and some new ones. From there he got to ranking them from his most favorite to least favorite. Mike is a self-proclaimed cookie aficionado, and a “minimalist, a simple simple man with simple taste.” Which cookies are ranked to his liking?

  1. Trefoils (Shortbread Cookie)
  2. Caramel deLites
  3. Lemonades
  4. Peanut Butter Patties (interchangeable with 5th place)
  5. Peanut Butter Sandwich
  6. Toast Yay
  7. S’mores
  8. Thin Mints

 The important takeaway from this questionable ranking is that we are big supporters of the Girl Scouts, and this was in good fun.

The #MikeSpeaks Vineland Adventure Begins

Mike Speaks ventured into Vineland to discover the best eateries and announce our entrance into the neighborhood. With our firm opening a new location, we needed to send Mike out to give us some great recommendations for our team. In his Cumberland County Food Tour, Mike tried an array of items, from breakfast sandwiches to pastries and burgers. At Bagel University in Vineland, he tried a pork roll, egg, and cheese on a toasted poppy seed bagel and was pleased with the softness of the egg and the quality of the bagel.

From there, Mike indulged in some bakery items from La Hacienda Bakery & Rotisserie. He sampled a Pastelillo, a sugar-coated donut with Bavarian cream. He also tasted a Pastelitos Guayaba y Queso, a quesito. Every single item he tried was a home run. He highly recommends the bakery items at La Hacienda. Lastly, he reviewed Outlaw’s Burger Barn & Creamery. This one left everyone hungry for the Daddy Burger and vanilla milkshake. The top-quality meat, encrusted bacon, fried onions, and gorgonzola sauce combination was “tremendous.” The food was, in fact, so good that Mike called the business a Vineland institution. Mike labeled the Vineland Food Tour was a  great success.

In April, Mike broke in the new GC Lounge and Bar with takeout from Simply Fowl at Foodie Hall in Cherry Hill. The fried buffalo chicken sandwich was cooked to perfection and not too spicy. It tasted as good as it smelled, and Mike was elated. The ratio of chicken to toppings to bun was spot-on.

Mike Finds the Best Chicken Wings in South Jersey

Mike was fixing for some wings, so he went to Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in Mount Laurel. He tasted the original wing with caramelized onions, buffalo wings, and wings with a dry rub. The wing with caramelized onions was a “top-notch wing.” The buffalo wing was “not too hot, just enough kick to put it over the top.” Finally, the dry rub wing had a nice combination of salt, spice, and sweetness. He had a hard time ranking the “home-run” wings but selected the dry rub as his favorite.

The next place he was eager to try was Dominic’s Tavern in Bellmawr, NJ. Mike needed to confirm that the fan-favorite wings lived up to the hype. Mike tried the Bad Daddy wings and was sent over the top with the flavor of the sauce, which is a mix of cheez whiz, hot sauce, and ranch dressing. “I don’t know who ever thought of that, but whoever he is, he’s a genius,” he said. Mike claims that he has had a lot of wings in a lot of places, and wings with different sauces in a lot of places, and these were certainly there at the top. Needless to say, the hype is well-supported.

 #MikeSpeaks Tours the Best Food in Sea Isle City

In August, Mike initiated the South Jersey Beach tour. He had the time of his life tasting pancakes, breakfast stromboli, pizza, pastries, and hoagies. Everyone knows that one of Mike’s favorite things is a powdered cream donut. So he ventured to Maryanne Pastry Shoppe in Sea Isle City to give theirs a taste. Unfortunately, they had sold out of powdered cream donuts by 10:30 am, so Mike got the powdered jelly donut, and he was not disappointed. The density and height of the donut, the “excellent” ratio, and taste was “fantastic.”

He then tried the Big MOFO at Steak Out. There he discovered the perfectly fluffy and “top-of-the-line” pancake.

He tried the pizza at world-famous Manco & Manco Ocean City, and breakfast stromboli at Uncle Oogie’s Pizzeria in Sea Isle City. There, he was wowed and left “speechless” by the “incredible” meal and tried the old-fashioned tomato pie. Mike also teamed up with Uncle Oogie’s to deliver Pizza to the Sea Isle City Beach Patrol. Chief Renny Steele expressed gratitude for the delivery and said, “When something like this happens, guards really appreciate it, and I think it’s an incentive to keep doing a good job.”

Mike could not end his tour without testing if the rumors were true– that Giovanni’s Delicatessen in Sea Isle City has the best Italian sub on the island, maybe even in the state. To say that Mike loved his Italian hoagie would be an understatement. From the aroma when he entered the deli to the “perfect” ratios of meat, cheese, break, and toppings, to the quality of the lunchmeat, Mike stated, multiple times, that it was the “best hoagie” he ever had.

Feasting for Thanksgiving

Mike got festive for Thanksgiving and made an exception to his “no turkey a week before Thanksgiving” rule. He tried the Wawa Gobbler, and was delightfully surprised by it, recommending that it should be a year-round menu item. With each bite, he enjoyed it more and more, finally concluding that, “It’s not just good, it’s damn good.” After his Gobbler, he was supposed to sample a classic Thanksgiving dessert, pumpkin pie. His tasting of pumpkin pie was unpopular, to say the least. The wall tasted more of the pie than Mike did when he threw it against the wall. We will keep pumpkins strictly as a fall decoration, Mike.

Investment In Our People Continues as the Law Firm Grows

In one year, we have added 9 new people into our Grungo LawFirm family. This means ten new people who share our values of compassion and kindness, and who get to have an impact on the world around them. This is the Grungo LawFirm way. Each new hire brings with them a unique set of skills, talents, and knowledge. This is critical for the success of our team as a collective. We are committed to investing in each department within our firm. “Our culture is strong and continues to get stronger as our family grows,” said Bill Colarulo. He is humbled by the people who have decided to take this journey with us. “We have some unbelievable people here,” he continues, “It is awesome to see our culture continue to grow.” Meet the new hires:

Jennifer Barger, Pre-Litigation Legal Assistant

Jessica Bonamassa, Marketing Assistant, no bio

Robert J. Borrelle, ESQ.,

Linda Fisher, Legal Assistant

Aidan Grookett, Marketing Intern, no bio

Kim Spencer, Workers’ Compensation Paralegal

Matthew Marone, Pre-Litigation Legal Assistant

Ana Valderrama, Receptionist/ Legal Assistant

Lance Wyllie, Marketing Director,

Law Firm Gifts NFTs to All Employees

Bill and Rich invested in the team at the Grungo LawFirm in a groundbreaking way. Each employee their own non-fungible token (NFT) in December 2022. The NFT grants employees and their family and friends unlimited, lifelong access to free, virtual mental health services with licensed therapists through Impact Suite. Impact Suite is an app that provides organizations and their teams with therapy, community, education, and tracking metrics to improve mental health and recover from addiction.

Impact Suite provides access to four different communities hosted on four different apps. These include Climb, which provides general wellness and improvement. Lift for depression and anxiety. Turn for substance abuse recovery. Fortify for sexual compulsivity. Users have access to these services at any time and enjoy benefits like lifestyle coaching, teletherapy, the ability to track habits and opportunity to achieve deep healing.

History is Made

Bill and Rich have made history with this employee benefit. Rich Grungo’s favorite program of 2022 is the gifting of the NFTs. The program is not just about mental health to Rich, but wellness and focusing on what his [work] family wants and or needs. “If we truly believe our people are our greatest asset and they’re our culture, then we know that our people are not just who they are when they clock in the computer,” he said. This gift was an amazing way to honor each employee and show just how much their overall wellness is valued. It is a true example of one of the ways that culture thrives at the firm. Each employee knows that they are more than a number or how they perform at work. Everyone is respected, cared for, and looked after by one another. 

“It’s just the tip of the iceberg of how we are going to do different things by giving back to our people,” he said.

Besides remaining committed to the needs and wellness of employees, the partners view this initiative as an opportunity to “bring attention to mental illness and the issues in the legal industry,” said Rich Grungo Jr.

Law Firm News Features

Grungo Law has made headlines in 2022 for the accomplishments of our attorneys and their initiatives.

First in History Health Benefit via NFT 

The American Bar Association (ABA) Journal shone light upon the Grungo LawFirm  just this past month.  The recently implemented NFT health benefit initiative was highlighted. Under a section for Lawyer Wellness, Matt Reynolds reported that “The services that the law firm is offering staff are part of an end-of-year bonus package and through a partnership between CryptoMories and Impact Suite.” The bonus was an add-on to traditional health care benefits to the firm’s seven lawyers and thirty members of staff. Access to these services remain, even if a staff member leaves the firm. This gift is one way that Bill and Rich are helping to prepare employees for a digital world that operates from digital wallets.

The firm implemented a Staff Training Day. Each employee was able to get one-on-one instruction of what a digital wallet is and how to set it up. From there they learned how to start using their services. For almost all the staff, this bonus was their first interaction with a digital wallet and their first NFT. Employees found that the initial wallet setup was not as difficult to understand as they thought. The GC team members were excited for the chance to step outside their comfort zone. By holding NFTs, everyone was now ahead of the trends tech and business. The team learned NFTs can be transferred to others easily. The value of being able to gift or transfer their NFT to someone who may need the benefit more was not lost on the team.

Press is Out of This World for 1st Personal Injury Law Firm in the Metaverse

An admirable trait of Bill and Rich is their dedication to staying ahead of the status-quo. The growth of the metaverse was all over the news over the past year. Rich knew that this type of technology was necessary to be involved in. The impact of the metaverse extends to many areas like academic virtual learning, the advertising market, the gaming market, and even the legal world. Gabrielle Saulsbery with NJBiz wrote an article about Grungo Law entering the metaverse and just how influential the metaverse may be in the future entitled “The Metaverse Wants Your Business.” She reports, “If market researcher McKinsey & Co. is onto anything, now’s not the time to be metaverse averse: McKinsey estimates the metaverse will generate up to $5 trillion in impact by 2030, according to a June report.”

Looking ahead into the future of tech, Rich opened, located in Decentraland, within the metaverse. Our law firm’s exact location is parcel -136, 150. Rich had his 11-year-old daughter’s help in learning about and creating a building for the law firm in the metaverse. Grungo Law’s plot into a digital home in the expansive virtual environment, with the move made to cater to clients’ evolving preferences and to create more relationships with other businesses. Our firm will also host client meetings, charity opportunities and post practice group information in the virtual Decentraland world.

This headlining news caught the attention of several publishers. Brian Inkster, being one, from Time Blawg, The Past, Present, and Future Practice of Law. In his article “2022: The Year Lawyers get Legless in the Metaverse?” Inskter mentions GC’s title of being the first personal injury law firm to enter the metaverse. He explains all the other things people are doing in that space. He highlights things like buying real estate, getting married, and utilizing it for regular tasks like hosting meetings. Bob Ambrogi from Law Next, a website that tracks technology and innovation for the legal profession, highlights Grungo Law’s strides in the metaverse and how it paves the way for other personal injury firms to move in the same direction.

Grungo Law Makes it on to the Pages of GQ

William Colarulo and Richard Grungo Jr. made feature in a Gentlemen’s Quarterly (GQ) Magazine article entitled “7 Ways to Metahustle” by Gabriella Paiella. GQ recognized their groundbreaking move to become the first personal injury law firm open in the metaverse. Paiella explains activities and stipulations of those activities in the metaverse. She discussed the cost of real estate in Decentraland, comparing it to monthly NYC prices. The article also touched on seeking legal representation within the metaverse. GQ includes quotes from Bill and Rich discussing the need for legal representation in the metaverse. 

In this virtual space, we are increasing the opportunity of choice that our clients have in connecting with us. We are also dedicated to helping other law firms become connected with the metaverse. LawCity was created to lower the barrier to entry into the metaverse, allowing firms to set up there without having to develop their space, so they could jump into the metaverse with less risk and challenge, according to Rich. was formed to help other firms set up in the metaverse and built two towers there, at 37, -58: the Unitas Tower and Veritas Tower, Saulsbery reports. “At least six other firms are leasing space in these towers, including four New Jersey firms, a Connecticut firm, and two Ohio firms,” she said.

Closing Statement

Compassion for others is at the heart of everything we do here at the Grungo LawFirm. Many from our community were involved with our fundraisers and the ways in which we support our staff. We would like to thank you for following along our journey in 2022. In 2023, our firm will remain committed to advocating for the rights of victims and seeking justice on their behalf. All will continue to make the communities we serve a better place. We thank you for your continued support of our firm.