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Grungo Law Firm Launches Family First Program; Firm Administrator, Dawn Moskalow, is 1st Recipient

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Posted on January 30, 2023

Dawn Moskalow, The First Recipient of the GC Family First Gift

Dawn Moskalow, our firm administrator, has been selected as the first recipient of the Family First Program gift. For her tenacity, dependability, and kind-heartedness, she was awarded a free car detail with MTM Auto Detailing.

“All of the incredible things she does, we can’t even account for. You don’t even see or know all that she does, but I just know she is someone I wanted to recognize this month as the first recipient,” said Rich.

Dawn worked as an experienced litigation paralegal with Rich at the firm they worked at previously. She moved with Rich and Bill when they opened up Grungo Law and has been with the firm from day one. Her position has continuously evolved over time, taking on administrative and HR work.

“She embodies all of our values, and without her, this firm doesn’t’ exist,” said Rich. “Dawn has evolved, she gets better by the day. All she has done is taken on more challenging responsibilities and exceeded all expectations,” he continued.

Her honesty, dedication, and loyalty to every single team member is recognized this month. She is an incredibly valued team member.

The Family First Program

In our modern and busy world that makes it seem like our individuality is replaced by a number, it has become increasingly vital to emphasize the power of goodness and unity. As such, the law firm created the Family First Program to recognize team members monthly in a way not tied to key performance indicators, metrics, or numbers. The firm set out to appreciate team members for their contributions to the firm and to the world.

Rich Grungo explained how our team helps clients navigate some of the most difficult, tragic, and trying times in their lives. The team cannot do that unless they are taken care of. “Our number one value is family first. They mean everything,” he said with a smile.

Rich believes in keeping the team at their very best, and he believes one way to show appreciation is through unique and radical gift-giving. “They are our greatest strategic asset. They embody our culture, and there is no question– we are not successful if not for each and every one of their contributions,” said Rich.

Inspiration for the Program

The GC Giving Back Foundation has been in action for many years. It is our community-based giving where we find various organizations and individuals in community, and we do something special to recognize them. It has been one of the most rewarding programs here, not only for Rich, but everyone who participates. He finds the team inspiring for volunteering their time and consistently spearheading efforts to get involved. He reflects on the program, stating, “The joy its brought, the difference we made, I asked myself, ‘why we aren’t doing this for our own people?’”

The idea for this program was rooted in an initiative from when the firm first started out. When a person noticed another team member performing an act of kindness, in any capacity, they would secretly write that person’s name on a paper and place it in a jar. Whether it was something as simple as holding the door open for someone else or helping change a stranger’s flat tire, it served to further the idea that no good deed goes unnoticed. A random name would eventually be pulled from the jar, and they would win a gift card. It was not as much about the prize as it was an inspiration to the goodness all around us. The GC Family First Program is a recreation of that experience, and an improvement in the impact since our team has grown.

The Future of The Giveaways

Gifts will be individualized and carefully picked for the individual. Our first giveaway has been given this month, and it was a car detail from our team member Matt’s business. Not only is it a way to provide business to and support our own GC family, but it is a service not many people are willing to buy for themselves, which makes it very special. Other gifts could include gift cards to the recipient’s favorite restaurant, a picture, or any other kind of meaningful gift. Through meaningful gift giving, the program recognizes our team’s uniqueness and individuality, not for the work they have done, but for the people they are.