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Biking is a great way to explore and exercise. To keep bicyclists safe, most state and local laws now require drivers to share the road with them. Unfortunately, motorists often overlook bicyclists and collide with them. Such accidents can have deadly consequences for cyclists because they are relatively unprotected compared to motor vehicle operators.

If you were harmed in a bicycle accident, a seasoned personal injury attorney from our firm could help you obtain compensation for your pain and suffering. Reach out to a Haddonfield bicycle accident lawyer today for help with moving forward.

Biking Accident Injuries

Bicycle accidents can be devastating, even at low speeds. Bicyclists are especially vulnerable to the force and impact of a motor vehicle and are likely to suffer debilitating injuries or even death in an accident.

For this reason, minor injuries such as broken bones, lacerations, and bruises are common in bicycle crashes. Severe injuries like internal bleeding, loss of limbs, spinal cord damage, and severe head trauma can also occur – especially when a bicyclist is struck by a heavy vehicle at high speeds.

Unfortunately, these conditions could leave an injured cyclist unable to work and may require long-term medical care. Depending on the circumstances surrounding an accident, an injured bicyclist may be able to pursue compensation to offset his or her medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

With the help of a Haddonfield biking accident attorney, claimants may also be able to recover:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional turmoil
  • Property damage

The sum of a plaintiff’s compensatory award would depend largely on the severity of his or her losses. Fortunately, a dedicated member of our legal team could help you measure your losses and articulate your goals in court.

Determining Another Party’s Negligence

A person who exhibits reckless or careless behavior and causes an accident as a result could be held financially responsible for an injured party’s subsequent damages. To prove a person is guilty of negligence, an attorney will have to establish that he or she owed a duty of care to the plaintiff. In other words, a bicycle wreck lawyer in Haddonfield would need to demonstrate that it was the defendant’s responsibility to ensure the plaintiff’s safety to some degree.

When establishing negligence, a judge would consider what a reasonable person would have done in the same situation. For a bike accident case, the tribunal would need to identify what any other driver would have done under similar circumstances to determine whether the defendant acted negligently. A motor vehicle operator who drives carelessly could be required to reimburse an injured claimant’s damages.

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If you were injured in a bicycle wreck, it may be possible for you to recover damages for any accident-related expenses you have incurred. However, you must act quickly, as you only have a limited amount of time to file a personal injury lawsuit. Reach out to a Haddonfield bicycle accident lawyer today to learn more about your legal options from a qualified professional.