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Haddonfield Hit and Run Car Accidents

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A hit and run car accident is defined by Haddonfield law as a driver causing a crash and leaving the scene of the collision. Hit and run collisions commonly involve someone hitting a car, a pedestrian, or someone’s property like a mailbox, house, or car on the street. If the person who ran from the scene is found, he or she may have to deal with criminal charges in addition to civil penalties.

Otherwise, if the at-fault driver could not be found, the injured party would have to address certain insurance implications. In other words, he or she would not be going after the person who caused the accident, but rather filing a claim under their own insurance for uninsured motorist coverage. A lawyer from our firm who has experience with litigating Haddonfield hit and run car accidents could help you identify and take the necessary steps toward obtaining compensation to offset your losses.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

Generally, some ways an attorney could help with hit and run car crash claims in Haddonfield include following up with the police to ensure that all channels are taken to find the person who crashed into them and fled. A lawyer from our firm could also help an injured person go after his or her own insurance for a claim of bodily injury when there is no other insurance to pursue as a result of the defendant fleeing the scene.

Recoverable Damages

In a successful hit and run case, a claimant may be able to recover property damages, bodily injury, economic and non-economic damages, and sometimes punitive damages. Economic damages would compensate a plaintiff’s monetary losses, such as medical costs associated with any injuries sustained in the accident or lost wages from having to miss work to recover. Alternatively, non-economic damages seek to reimburse an injured person’s intangible losses like emotional anguish and pain and suffering.

Punitive Damages

When a person who flees the scene of a car accident is found, the plaintiff must be able to demonstrate that they acted with reckless disregard for human life in order to receive punitive damages. Depending on how severe the property damage and injuries are, the injured party may be able to collect punitive damages in addition to receiving compensation for his or her losses. These damages are meant to punish a defendant for particularly egregious behavior and to deter others from acting similarly in the future.

Call an Attorney for Help with Litigating Haddonfield Hit and Run Car Accidents

You should take several important steps after being injured in a hit and run accident. The first is to contact law enforcement and provide the police with any and all details about the collision, including the color and make of the car, what the person looked like, where he or she was going, and whether or not you have the person’s license plate numbers.

The second step would be to seek medical treatment if you are injured. Finally, it is essential to contact an attorney as soon as possible for assistance with litigating a Haddonfield hit and run car accident.