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While driving in a parking lot, motorists often do not anticipate being involved in a car accident. However, these accidents are common, as drivers tend to use less caution in parking lots and garages than they otherwise would on roadways and highways. Many people assume that parking lot accidents are not severe given the reduced speed of these collisions, but these crashes can lead to severe property damage and bodily injuries.

If you or someone you know has suffered injuries in a parking lot collision, you should enlist the help of a local car accident attorney. A Haddonfield parking lot car accident lawyer could help you navigate the civil claims process and obtain the compensation you may be entitled to.

Common Types of Parking Lot Collisions

Parking lost collisions usually occur at low-speeds and are often avoidable. However, many things can cause a parking lot car accident such as:

  • A driver backing out of parking space and into an oncoming vehicle
  • Two drivers backing into each other
  • Motorists cutting through parking lanes
  • Two drivers attempting to enter the same parking space

The severity of these accidents can increase when drivers are distracted, speeding, failing to yield, or violating traffic signs. Improperly maintained parking lots that have cracks or holes in the pavement could form the basis of a successful civil claim against the property owner.

Depending on the severity of the accident, parking lot accidents can lead to injuries such as:

An experienced Haddonfield parking lot collision attorney would have the experience necessary to determine the cause of a person’s injuries.

Determining Fault

Determining who had the right of way at the time of a collision is one of the primary factors in assigning liability for a parking lot car accident in Haddonfield. In parking lots and garages, the general rule is that vehicles in through lanes have the right-of-way. Parked vehicles or those approaching the through lane are required to yield the right-of-way to vehicles already in the through lane.

If a motor vehicle or pedestrian accident occurs, the plaintiff may be able to establish liability by showing the defendant driver’s failure to proceed with reasonable caution given the conditions of the parking lot. This involves demonstrating that the opposing party failed to act in the same way that a reasonable driver would have under similar circumstances.

Recovering Damages

An injured claimant may seek economic and non-economic damages to compensate their losses. For example, vehicle damage, medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and decreased quality of life may be recovered in a successful civil suit.

According to state law, a claimant in a civil suit must be less than 50 percent responsible for his or her own injuries to recover damages. If the plaintiff is less than 50 percent responsible, the court will reduce his or her damage award in proportion to his or her attributed percentage of liability.

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