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Watching your child suffer severe injuries can be highly stressful, emotional, and frightening. Children who sustain injuries from auto collisions, dog bites, and playground or swimming pool accidents can alter your family’s life forever. Working with a Haddonfield child injury lawyer could make a substantial difference in holding negligent individuals or companies accountable for their actions.

You might be concerned about the long-term health of your child after a serious accident, as well as the financial ramifications of any permanent or long-lasting injuries. With a personal injury attorney on your side, you may be able to get the guidance that you need in this challenging situation. The legal advice that you can receive from our team may increase your chances of reaching a favorable outcome in your case.

Accidents Involving Vehicles

Children may be struck by a moving vehicle walking to and from school, climbing on and off school buses, and playing outside. Kids also may be more difficult for drivers to see. As a result, the risk of injury to children is often much greater than that of adults.

Vehicle accidents also commonly cause injuries to children as well as adults. Even with safety precautions like car seats and airbags, the force of a collision may eject children from the vehicle or subject them to crushing injuries that can leave them permanently disabled. A child injury lawyer in Haddonfield could help hold negligent drivers who cause accidents liable for any subsequent damages.

Canine Attacks

Young children often suffer more severe injuries from dog bites than adults. Kids also may not have the strength to get away from a large animal and are more prone to approach an unfamiliar dog. As a result, major head and facial injuries can lead to permanent scarring and disfigurement.

Another common effect of dog attacks that impacts many children is post-traumatic stress disorder. Children who have been attacked by dogs may suffer nightmares, excessive fear around other dogs, and other emotional difficulties. When dog owners fail to restrain or prevent their animals from hurting children, an attorney in Haddonfield may be able to help hold them responsible for the damages that result.

Why Are Kids Prone to Injuries around Playgrounds and Swimming Pools?

Playgrounds and swimming pools tend to attract children, who often are too young to understand the dangers that they can pose. Pool owners must take necessary safety precautions to keep neighborhood unsupervised children out of their pools and protect them from harm. If they fail to do so, they could be liable for any resulting injuries or drowning incidents.

Likewise, playgrounds must meet various specifications and safety measures to provide the safest environment possible for children using the equipment. Although these cases can be complicated, if a local governmental entity who is responsible for the playground fails to maintain it properly, it may also face financial responsibility for any child injuries that occur.

What is the Statutes of Limitations on Local Child Injury Claims?

While the statute of limitations outlined in state law generally gives injured parties two years to file a personal injury claim, children who are minors at the time of their accidents typically have two years following their 18th birthdays to initiate a lawsuit.

However, state law does provide for various exceptions to these limitations. For instance, when government workers or entities are potentially liable for injuries to a child, much stricter and shorter time frames may impact these claims.

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Parents of minor children may be eligible to file claims on their behalf if they are injured in accidents resulting from the negligence of others. Parents can seek damages to offset their children’s physical injuries, permanent impairments, and mental trauma that they may face as a result of becoming injured.

The assistance of a Haddonfield child injury lawyer may be invaluable during the often lengthy process of seeking damages after an accident. By getting the legal advice that you need in this situation, you may be in a better position to recover the damages resulting from injuries to your child.

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