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When you go to a store, attend an event, or visit someone’s private property, your safety should be protected. Landowners are responsible for keeping their premises free from tripping hazards, missing handrails, or poorly-lit walkways. If a property owner’s negligence causes you to suffer an injury while you are lawfully visiting his or her land, you might be entitled to compensation.

With the help of a well-versed personal injury attorney, you could hold a negligent landowner accountable for any damages you suffer in a trip and spill accident. A skilled Haddonfield slip and fall lawyer from our firm might be able to help you recover for your losses in court.

How Does Someone Prove Liability in Trip and Spill Cases?

When an individual falls, he or she could be left with abrasions and bone fractures, but not every slip and fall incident qualifies for legal remedies. Claimants must demonstrate that their injuries are the direct result of an issue at the property in question.

It is essential to prove that either the property owner was aware of the issue prior to the accident or that any reasonable proprietor should have been aware of the problem. The point of this is to establish that he or she failed to remedy the hazardous condition in a timely manner and is therefore responsible for any subsequent damages a visitor suffers.

However, demonstrating these elements can be challenging for someone without legal guidance. For this reason, those who are injured in a slip and fall incident should seek assistance from a Haddonfield trip and spill attorney for help with proving a landowner’s liability.

What are the Recoverable Damages in Slip and Fall Incidents?

An injured plaintiff may recover economic, non-economic, and punitive damages. Although, punitive damages are typically only awarded in cases involving particularly egregious misconduct.

Economic losses are measured monetarily and can include medical bills and lost wages from having to miss work. On the other hand, non-economic losses are subjective and may cover a claimant’s pain and suffering and emotional trauma. For assistance with his or her measuring losses, a plaintiff should speak with a slip and fall lawyer in Haddonfield.

Common Causes of Trips and Falls

When a person is visiting someone else’s property, there are many conditions that may lead to a trip and fall injury. Property owners are responsible for maintaining the safety of their premises.

For example, poor lighting is a primary cause of slip and fall accidents. Proprietors must provide adequate lighting on staircases, porches, and walkways. When they fail to do so, property owners could be required to reimburse any damages a person sustains in a subsequent tripping incident.

Another common cause of fall injuries is wet or snowy sidewalks. Spillover rainfall, snow, and ice can create dangerous property conditions for visitors. Debris in walkways or public spaces are unacceptable and may create property owner liability in the event of a slip and fall. An attorney in Haddonfield could help hold proprietors responsible for damages caused by their negligence.

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In the aftermath of a traumatic fall, one of your priorities should be finding the right attorney to represent your interests in court. Working with a legal representative from our firm could greatly strengthen your case and increase your likelihood of obtaining maximum compensation. A Haddonfield slip and fall lawyer could assist you in developing your claim, filing a motion, and fighting for your interests during litigation, so call us today.