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Injuries sustained in a bus accident can be severe and life-threatening due to the size and weight of public transit vehicles. Regardless of whether you were a passenger, pedestrian, or other motorist at the time of a bus collision, you may have legal options at your disposal. Additionally, the effects of such an event may keep you out of work for extended periods of time while you recover from your injuries.

No one should have to go through such a difficult time alone, so you should let a seasoned personal injury attorney help you initiate civil litigation against responsible parties. A Haddonfield bus accident lawyer could help you navigate the legal proceedings and obtain compensation to offset your losses.

Dangerous Driving

Many factors can impact the safety of a public transit vehicle on the road. Road rage, speeding, and distracted driving can put passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers at risk of suffering harm. Bus passengers are especially likely to sustain catastrophic injuries in the event of an accident.

One of the most common causes of bus collisions is driver fatigue. Bus drivers often work long and unconventional hours and cover late-night routes. This schedule combined with insufficient breaks can lead to a crash.

Driver fatigue and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can have similar effects on a bus driver. Tired or impaired drivers are typically less alert and aware of their surroundings, and their reaction times may slow significantly. Even if an individual takes all safety precautions, he or she may find themselves involved in a dangerous bus accident if the driver is experiencing fatigue.

Maintenance Issues

Buses travel all day and night to get passengers to and from their destinations. A bus is a mode of transportation that falls under the “common carrier” category. This means that bus companies are legally obligated to provide passengers with safe, well-maintained vehicles.

In the event of an accident, it follows that the bus company may be required to pay any damages a passenger suffers as a result of a poorly maintained vehicle. If poor maintenance is the cause of a claimant’s injuries, a seasoned Haddonfield bus accident attorney could work to ensure that responsible parties are held accountable in court.

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You may be wondering how to go about filing a lawsuit as well as which damages you may be entitled to receive. It is critical to file a claim in accordance with all civil procedure rules, and you must do so promptly. However, this may seem daunting while you are focused on healing from your injuries.

A public transit vehicle collision can be a traumatic experience, and the recovery process can be lengthy. Rather than trying to juggle doctor’s appointments, missed work, and a pending legal claim, get in touch with a diligent Haddonfield bus accident lawyer today. Our steadfast legal team could help you navigate the legal system and obtain maximum recovery for your claim.