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Haddonfield Paralysis Injury Lawyer

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Paralysis injuries are typically caused by trauma to the neck or back and can have devastating effects the victims and their families. The rehabilitation process can be slow and financially draining. A person living with paralysis may be unable to care for themselves and could require lifetime or long-term treatment either in-house or at a facility.

A Haddonfield paralysis injury lawyer from our team could provide you with the support and legal guidance you need to recover the damages you suffered. If your immobilizing condition was caused by someone else’s negligence, you should enlist the services of a local catastrophic injury attorney.

Understanding Conditions of Immobilization

Paralysis injuries can result from many different accidents, including motor vehicle collisions, workplace mishaps, slip and falls, and defective products. Depending on the force of impact, the victim may suffer complete or partial paralysis. The most common forms of immobilization include:

  • Monoplegia – paralysis in one limb
  • Hemiplegia – immobilization in one arm and leg on the same side of the body
  • Paraplegia – paralysis in both legs
  • Quadriplegia (tetraplegia) – immobilization in all extremities

A paralysis injury lawyer in Haddonfield would have the knowledge and experience needed to understand the unique and complex medical implications of these cases.

Compensable Damages

Paralysis injury patients often suffer from chronic pain, burning or tingling sensations, and complications such as strokes, bladder infections, and broken fingers or toes. Fortunately, the costs associated with at-home care, specialized rehabilitative equipment, vocational training, and psychological counseling can be recovered in a successful civil suit with the help of an experienced attorney.

In addition to the financial burden, a claimant may also suffer from an inability to participate in the day-to-day activities he or she once enjoyed. It takes great courage to overcome and adapt to the limitations of paralysis. Accident victims may pursue economic damages for financial losses such as medical costs, lost wages, and diminished earning capacity. A claimant may also recover non-economic damages for emotional anguish and pain and suffering. While no amount of money can ease the pain caused by a condition of immobilization, a Haddonfield paralysis attorney could reduce the financial burden by helping a survivor bring a strong claim against responsible parties.

Filing a Paralysis Injury Lawsuit in Haddonfield

In paralysis cases, it is essential to keep all medical records – including treatments and bills – to use as evidence of the trauma a patient endures. Our Haddonfield attorneys have experience collecting proper documentation for paralysis injuries and evaluating a plaintiff’s eligibility for compensation.

State law imposes a statute of limitations for filing civil lawsuits. Those suffering from paralysis injuries have two years from the date of their accident to file a claim for damages with a lawyer’s help.

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Reaching out for legal assistance is essential to recovering the monetary and emotional damages you have suffered as a result of your paralysis injury. A Haddonfield paralysis injury lawyer from our firm could investigate your claim and determine what kind of case to bring and against which defendant.

Let us begin preparing your case while you focus on rehabilitation and recovery. Contact our team today to get started.