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Pharmaceutical companies manufacture and distribute new medicines regularly, sometimes without properly testing their efficacy and safety. Serious complications can arise when patients take inadequately evaluated medications. Side-effects associated with faulty prescription medicines can range from mild complications to life-threatening conditions.

Patients who must visit the emergency room and miss work to recover from the effects of a dangerous drug should enlist the help of a personal injury attorney to pursue compensation from the medication’s manufacturer or their prescribing doctor. A Haddonfield dangerous drugs lawyer from our firm could help recover the losses you have suffered as a result of another party’s negligence by filing a civil lawsuit.

What Should Someone Do After Taking a Dangerous Drug?

Patients whose doctors prescribe them any medication should familiarize themselves with the potential side effects before taking the drug. If the side effects appear to be particularly concerning, patients should ask their doctors if a different medicine is available.

A patient who experiences any concerning side effects after taking medication should speak with his or her prescribing doctor or pharmacist right away. If the complication is particularly severe, he or she should seek emergency treatment from a hospital.

Patients who consume dangerous drugs should also keep thorough records of the treatment they receive thereafter as well as any time missed from work as a result. These records could help ensure that a Haddonfield plaintiff receives financial compensation for any losses he or she suffers after taking a dangerous drug.

Who Could Be Held Liable in a Harmful Medication Case?

Not all injured patients are eligible to file a claim for damages. However, those who experience severe complications or illnesses after taking medication based on the advice of a medical professional may be eligible for compensation.

The defendants responsible for paying such restitution can include the drug’s manufacturer as well as medical professionals who prescribe dangerous medication. If the manufacturer rushed a drug onto market without adequate testing or deliberately concealed negative information about the medication, they could be found negligent in a civil case.

Doctors, pharmacists, and other medical professionals may also face civil liability for misdiagnosing a patient’s condition or failing to identify a safe dosage for his or her particular needs before prescribing a drug. It is also a healthcare provider’s responsibility to inform patients of any side effects associated with a medication before prescribing it as well as what to do if they experience any.

It may not always be easy for injured patients to discern whether they have any legal rights to compensation after taking a dangerous drug. Fortunately, our experienced Haddonfield lawyers could review the facts of a claimant’s case and help determine whether he or she is eligible to file a claim for damages and identify potentially liable parties.

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If you or a loved one experienced adverse effects from taking a prescribed drug, do not hesitate to reach out to an attorney from our team for help. A Haddonfield dangerous drugs lawyer could review the facts of your case and help you decide whether filing a lawsuit is a viable option for you. Call today to get started.