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Side-Impact Car Accidents in Medford

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While any collision between motor vehicles could be dangerous and potentially deadly, accidents that involve one vehicle crashing into the doors of another could cause severe harm even at relatively low speeds. You may also find that New Jersey law poses unique challenges to anyone filing a suit over a vehicle crash, depending on the type of auto insurance an individual has.

Due to this, recovering comprehensive compensation after a side-impact car accident in Medford could be difficult to achieve alone. Fortunately, you have help available from a seasoned car accident attorney.

What Makes T-Bone Crashes Uniquely Dangerous?

The physical forces imparted on motor vehicle occupants during any kind of collision could cause injuries that have long-term or even permanent repercussions. High-speed accidents are more likely to produce severe physical harm. However, side-impact car crashes in Medford and New Jersey could be dangerous even at relatively low speeds because of a motor vehicle’s design.

Airbags, seatbelts, and properly adjusted headrests could help protect drivers and passengers from harm during head-on and rear-end collisions, but many older cars have no safety features to protect drivers from taking the full brunt of side impacts. Even modern vehicles with side airbags and similar safety devices could still put occupants at risk of injuries from broken glass, fires, and the other hazards associated with a typical traffic incident. Recovery after side-impact crashes must take a long-term view, accounting for possible future losses like:

  • Rehabilitative care costs and other future medical expenses
  • Lost earning capacity and income
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Psychological trauma

A skilled legal team could provide more detail during an initial consultation about damages that might be compensable in a specific case.

Proving Fault for a Side-Impact Wreck

Compared to other auto collisions, it could be complicated to conclusively demonstrate fault for a side-impact vehicle crash in Medford. They often occur in intersections and other places where an accident could conceivably stem from various forms of negligence. If no police report cites one party for a traffic violation, it could be vital to collect and examine other sources of evidence, like traffic and dashboard camera footage, eyewitness testimonies, and even input from accident reconstruction experts.

It could also be crucial to include evidence in a claim showing an injured plaintiff was not to blame for their injuries. A finding of comparative fault by a civil court could lead to a reduction in available compensation or a case dismissal. Proving someone is at fault for this kind of incident is not always necessary to recover most or even all applicable damages because of New Jersey’s no-fault insurance laws.

Seek Help from an Attorney After Side-Impact Car Accidents in Medford

Being sideswiped, T-boned, or involved in any other side-impact crash could cause debilitating physical, financial, and personal losses, especially if it happens at highway speeds. Unfortunately, filing a civil suit after an auto wreck could be complicated, since any small mistakes could sidetrack your pursuit of compensation.

Assistance from knowledgeable legal counsel could be vital to handling the aftermath of a side-impact car accident in Medford. Call today to learn more about your options.