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Medford Wrongful Death Lawyer

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Wrongful death lawyers can work to recover compensation for the families of those were killed by the negligent or intentional acts of another person or institution.

Wrongful death cases always involve serious and emotional issues surrounding the death, and a lawsuit can help provide much-needed answers as well as hold the people or companies responsible. Contact a Medford wrongful death lawyer if you are need of quality representation for an incident. An experienced attorney can help provide you some reassurance during a difficult time.

What Constitutes as Wrongful Death?

Medford wrongful death lawyers represent individuals whose family member was killed in circumstances including:

  • Automobile accidents – traffic collisions where the negligent driving of another party causes death.  Drunk driving cases, speeding, failure to yield or rollover accidents are accidents that can lead to death.  In 2016, 603 people were killed in New Jersey in motor vehicle crashes.
  • Motorcycle accidents – a far too frequent occurrence, where a rider or passenger is struck by a car or truck. Other drivers change lanes into motorcycles, fail to yield, or make an illegal turn in front of the motorcyclist, resulting in death.
  • Pedestrian deaths – a huge problem in New Jersey. In 2015, 173 pedestrians were killed by motor vehicles, according to the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety.  Most pedestrians that are killed are crossing legally in a crosswalk, and are struck by inattentive drivers.
  • Medical malpractice deaths –physician or institutional acts or omissions rise to negligence and cause death to the patient. Deaths can occur by misdiagnosis, drug overdose, or fatal drug interactions, mistakes made in surgery, including anesthesia, and sadly, in childbirth to both the mother and child.
  • Defective products – items manufactured and sold which, when used, cause death. Most common are prescription drugs that cause death, defectively manufactured motor vehicles, and toys and recreational goods that when used cause death
  • Work accidents – employees are injured and killed at work.  Many New Jersey residents work in dangerous occupations, and some are killed by falling objects, electrocution, fall from heights, and manufacturing mishaps that cause death.

How a Medford Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help

A Medford wrongful death attorney is dedicated in a number of ways. Whatever the cause of death, the lawyer will investigate the means and methods that caused harm to a loved one. If a death occurs in a traffic collision, the lawyer has a wealth of experience in this area of law. If the death occurs in a manufacturing accident, the attorney has likely handled the same case or a similar case successfully for previous individuals.

Medford wrongful death lawyers gather all medical expenses, including hospital and physician bills, and links them to the act of negligence. The attorney works to prove the economic loss caused by the death. The negligent party owes the deceased family the remaining lifetime earnings of the deceased. The attorney also works to prove and recover for the pain and suffering a loved one experienced prior to their death, and may also help individuals recover funds for the grief and loss of the deceased suffered.

The attorney learns about their lives, who relied on them for care and support, what their unique contribution was to their friends, family, and community. With this presentation, the lawyer can show the real person behind the case and hopefully maximize the monetary recovery. Please call an attorney today to discuss your rights following the death of a loved one.