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Medford Truck Accident Lawyer

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Truck accident claims are different in a number of respects than most motor vehicle accident claims in Medford. One reason, is because the size of the vehicles have the potential to cause much more significant damage. What also makes truck accident claims unique is the fact that they involve drivers who have specific federal regulations as well as other regulations that they must comply as many trucks are driven by professional commercial vehicle drivers.

There can be serious repercussions following a truck accident, and if someone has been in an accident, they should quickly seek the help of a Medford truck accident lawyer. An experienced accident attorney can help them fight for compensation for their injuries and damages sustained after an accident in Medford.

Proving Trucker Negligence

Drivers with commercial driver’s licenses, which then are considered professionals under the law, are held to a different standard. When a truck accident happens, not only are the damages greater, but also there is also a different set of standards that must be analyzed. In investigating a truck accident, what makes a difference is the investigation is much more intense and expensive in trying to get an understanding of what the truck driver was doing, what kind of schedule the truck driver is on, and whether the truck driver was distracted or working the appropriate hours under the certain regulations that apply.

A truck accident claim is unique because of the extent of damages usually as well as the extent of the investigation. The insurance companies involved with trucks could be different than a typical insurance company dealt with in auto accident cases. Every insurance company is unique in their approach to fairly evaluating claims. So, a truck accident attorney in Medford with experience with the different insurance companies involved has benefits for the clients.

Available Compensation After a Truck Crash

A person can receive compensation for their truck accident in Medford if they have been injured as a result of a negligence or fault of someone else. A person can receive compensation for all other damages if they have been injured as result of the negligence of somebody else.

Their damages can include medical bills both past, present, and future, as well as lost wages both past, present, and the future, along with and any out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a resulted in dealing with these injuries, as well as any compensation for pain and suffering, disability, impairment, disfigurement, or loss of enjoyment of life as a result of the negligence of another.

Steps to Take Following an Accident

The first thing anybody should after being injured is get the appropriate medical care. If somebody is injured, they should call 911 and make sure the appropriate medical care is obtained. After somebody has gotten the appropriate medical care, they should speak to an attorney with experience in representing people injured by trucks. Only an experienced truck accident attorney in Medford will make sure that the evidence is preserved and their rights are protected.

After a truck accident, a person needs to collect any photographs of the accident and any witnesses that may be involved. If there is a police report, then a police report should be obtained, as well as any insurance information that they maintain themselves or they are able to obtain of the other individual involved. All that information allows an attorney to begin their investigation.

After a truck accident, a person should gather photographs, any tickets or summons that are issued, insurance information, any medical records that obtained, and any lists of doctors that have been seen or summaries of medical treatment that have been obtained.

Working with a Medford Truck Accident Attorney

The most important thing a Medford truck accident lawyer can do to help a person through their difficult time is listen and understand what their client’s issues are and what their needs are. Everybody walks through life with a unique story and so the first thing that they pride themselves on is, first, trying to understand the client’s particular situation. They will want to know where they work, if they are able to continue working, what type of insurance they have, and what their immediate needs and concerns are that they can help them with.

Only once they are finished listening, can they then understand the client’s needs and put together a plan to start to help them move forward. Call today to learn about your legal options.