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Side-Impact Truck Accidents in Medford

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Being hit on the side by a commercial truck often involves a different set of problems than a crash with a regular passenger vehicle. There are differences in the procedures and timelines you must know to recover damages. Side-impacts with a truck are often traumatic and leave those involved with severe injuries and property damage.

When collisions occur because of negligence, you have the right to hold the careless party accountable. Our team of big rig collision attorneys could fight for your compensation. Schedule a meeting with a diligent lawyer experienced with side-impact truck accidents in Medford for more information.

Determining the Liable Party After a Truck Crash

Commercial truck wrecks often cause significantly worse injuries than other car crashes. Therefore, it is critical to identify all the liable parties. A seasoned attorney in Medford could complete a thorough investigation and review evidence to determine all parties accountable for a side-impact truck collision. The potentially responsible parties include:

The Truck Driver

If an accident occurs because a trucker fails to follow traffic laws or drives distracted, they would be a defendant in a claim for damages. If an employer did not provide adequate training leading to an error, a driver and their employer could be liable.

The Commercial Truck Owner

Most truck drivers do not own the vehicle they operate. When accidents occur because of inadequate upkeep, a truck owner could also be a defendant in a civil case. Inadequate truck upkeep could include failing to report mechanical errors or complete maintenance required by federal and state law.

The Manufacturer

When accidents occur because a truck has a brake failure, mechanical error, or tire blowout, the part manufacturer could be responsible. A truck’s massive size and weight make it crucial that all parts function correctly. When companies manufacture faulty parts, they put others in danger.

Third-Party Contractors

A third-party contractor could be liable when crashes occur because of loading errors. All companies responsible for truck shipments must ensure they follow safety regulations and stay within compliance of weight regulations.

The State Statute of Limitations

A claimant must be aware of injury statutes to file a lawsuit and recover compensation for damages. Under the New Jersey Revised Statutes section 2A:14-2, a Medford claimant generally has two years to file a civil lawsuit after a side-impact truck crash. However, various factors could affect the time frame to file a claim for damages after an incident with a commercial truck.

Depending on the different circumstances of a collision, the time the law allows for filing could shorten or lengthen. Therefore, contacting legal representation is the best way to ensure filing within the statute’s guidelines.

Meet with an Attorney Experienced with Side-Impact Truck Accidents in Medford

If you were in a side-impact truck collision in Medford because of another’s negligence, you are likely in a lot of pain, collecting outrageous medical bills, and unable to return to work until you recover. A diligent legal professional could determine the liable parties and help you recover the compensation needed to cover your damages. Reach out now to discuss your claim.

There is a court-enforced rigid time frame for filing a lawsuit after a crash with a commercial truck. Call our team to start your claim.