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Overloaded/Overweight Truck Accidents in Medford

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An overloaded or overweight commercial truck is hazardous for the truck driver and endangers other vehicles around them. Therefore, strict state and federal laws state the maximum weight a commercial truck can carry. However, many trucking companies commonly overload trucks to save money, despite the court-enforced regulations.

Overloaded trucks are a danger to everyone. When it causes an accident with other drivers, the liable party must pay for the damage their negligence caused. Call a seasoned lawyer about compensation after overweight truck accidents in Medford. Our team of truck collision attorneys is ready to fight for you.

The Dangers of Overweight Trucks

There are regulations on the cargo size of commercial trucks because overloading them can lead to elevated risks of severe accidents and injuries. Some of the problems that are more likely to happen when a truck is overweight include:

  • Picking up speed when traveling downhill, increasing the risk of brake failure
  • Cargo shifting around, increasing the risk of a driver losing control of the vehicle
  • More rigid trucks, causing damage or collapse on roadways
  • Tire blowouts
  • Off-balance centers of gravity, leading to rollovers

When the cargo is a hazardous material, the extent of damages and injuries increases significantly. The results can be catastrophic when an inexperienced or distracted driver is behind the wheel. A Medford attorney could help determine the cause and liable parties of an overloaded truck crash.

Regulations on Truck Weight

Federal and state law regulates the weight a commercial truck can carry unless they request a short-term permit to carry a heavier load. Under the New Jersey Statutes Annotated § 39:3-84, the maximum weight of commercial trucks with five axles is 80,000 pounds.

There is a ten percent scale or enforcement tolerance on non-Interstate highways. Single axle vehicles have a maximum weight limit of 20,000 pounds, while commercial trucks with rear drive axles cannot carry more than 42,000 pounds of cargo. An overweight truck accident attorney could answer questions on the regulations and statutes in Medford.

Proving Liability After a Collision with an Overloaded Truck

Civil laws hold the trucking companies, third parties, or drivers strictly liable for an incident caused by overloaded cargo. If a court determines a trucking company or driver failed to calculate the weight correctly, they could hold them financially accountable.

A court could conclude this if evidence shows a driver or company knew or should have known the cargo on a truck was too heavy. There could also be several liable parties as defendants for the lawsuit. A seasoned legal professional could review evidence from a wreck to determine if the truck’s cargo was out of compliance with weight regulations.

Call an Attorney About Overloaded/Overweight Truck Accidents in Medford

Crashes involving a passenger car and commercial track often lead to severe accidents and injuries. The process of recovering compensation is also more complex than in other accidents. Collisions caused by improper loading of cargo are entirely preventable.

Therefore, when they occur, you have every right to expect the liable parties to pay for the damages they caused. For help to recover compensation, contact a lawyer experienced with overloaded/overweight truck accidents in Medford.