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Medford Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer 

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There comes a time in many people’s lives where they have to make a difficult choice regarding an elderly family member or friend’s long-term care. While most would prefer to administer care themselves, the simple reality is that this is not always a viable option.

Elderly people depend on regular check-ins, monitored food and medicine intake, and available emergency care. That is what makes nursing home abuse particularly harrowing. You place your trust in another individual’s ability to take care of their loved ones, only to find that their trust has been broken, and the individual in the nursing home has suffered physical, mental, or even emotional abuse. If this sounds like your case, you are not alone.

According to the National Council on Aging, an estimated one in 10, or 10% of Americans over age 60 have been abused in one way or another. The numbers go as high as approximately 5 million per year.  If you, or a loved one has been subjected to nursing home abuse, get in touch with a skilled personal injury lawyer. A Medford nursing home abuse lawyer can advocate for you.

Types of Abuse in Medford Nursing Homes

There are many types of abuse that can occur in nursing homes in and around Medford, including:

  • Mental abuse – humiliation, making threats, mocking residents, secluding residents from others, excluding elders from group activities
  • Verbal abuse – name calling, insults, etc
  • Physical abuse – battery, assault, the creation of negligent conditions, confinement, illegal use of drugs
  • Negligence – either active or passing – ignoring the resident, failing to check-in, inattentiveness
  • Scams – fake charities, investment fraud, ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, phony lotteries
  • Sexual abuse

Identifying Nursing Home Abuse

Due to the fact that many cases of nursing home abuse in Medford go unreported, it is important for friends and family members of residents to be aware of possible signs of abuse. While the simplest sign is a direct cry for help, most cues will be much more subtle, for instance:

  • Anything out of the ordinary. Unusual behavior can be the sign of an illness or a sign that something is going on that the individual is uncomfortable speaking about
  • Nervous ticks. The development of new habits that are not typical of the nursing home resident might be a sign that something is awry. These ticks include mumbling, self-harm, grinding teeth, and others
  • Sheepishness. Some of the cues that people look for when suspecting an individual of lying may also be a clue that an individual is failing to reveal something. Some of these cues are avoiding eye contact, speaking low, changing topics unusually, or saying nothing at all

Contact a Medford Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

The National Council on Aging, approximates that only about one in 14 cases of abuse are actually reported.

If you or someone you know suspects that elder abuse has occurred, do not hesitate to contact a Medford nursing home abuse lawyer for information. A Medford nursing home abuse lawyer can assist you with stopping the abuse, relocating the elderly individual, and obtaining financial compensation.

Although no amount of money can cure this harm, filing a lawsuit will bring attention to the claim and possibly help encourage others to voice their abuse as well.