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Texting While Driving Car Accidents in Medford

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Operating a multi-ton motor vehicle requires your full attention at all times and losing concentration on the road for even a few seconds could result in a collision that causes serious property damage and injuries. Unfortunately, not every New Jersey driver acts responsibly behind the wheel in accordance with state law, sometimes leading to avoidable accidents with severe repercussions.

Texting while driving car accidents in Medford could serve as grounds for civil litigation, but you should be aware of numerous rules and restrictions before trying to pursue a claim. Support from a knowledgeable car accident attorney could be vital to protecting your rights and preserving your future after an incident.

How State Law Addresses Texting While Driving

In recent years, every U.S. state has taken legislative measures to address the risks distracted drivers pose to other people on public roads. Most commonly, governments explicitly prohibit using cell phones or other electronic devices for text messaging while in motion. New Jersey goes even further by barring all drivers from using a handheld cell phone or smartphone for any purpose while behind the wheel. The law also prohibits all bus drivers and drivers under 21 with probationary licenses or learner’s permits from using cell phones while operating a vehicle, even in hands-free modes.

On top of facing steep fines and various other administrative penalties, motorists who text and drive in Medford are almost always considered at fault for a wreck. This means they could be financially liable for certain injuries and losses sustained by other involved parties. A seasoned legal team could explain the limits on the right to file suit in a vehicle crash.

Recovering Damages for an Auto Accident in Medford

New Jersey’s no-fault approach to car insurance means compensation recovery after a wreck depends on a plaintiff’s insurance policy. No matter what, anyone hurt in a crash could seek restitution for medical expenses and other out-of-pocket losses through injury protection coverage within their own insurance policy or that of a vehicle’s owner. An individual could generally file a claim against an involved party’s insurance for vehicle damage. Someone could pursue both claims  regardless of who bears fault for an accident.

If an injured person in Medford did not pay for a standard insurance policy with an unlimited right to sue option, they may not be able to file a texting while driving  lawsuit for other complications like physical pain, lost earning capacity, and lost quality of life. Individuals with basic insurance policies or standard policies with a limited right to sue could usually only pursue third-party litigation if they suffer substantial and permanent disability or disfigurement from a wreck.

An Attorney Could Help After a Texting While Driving Car Accident in Medford

Recovering financially and physically after a vehicle crash caused by a distracted driver could be complicated, especially if that driver was unlawfully unfocused by their cell phone. Even if it seems obvious who is at fault for your wreck, you may have trouble effectively pursuing the compensation you deserve without help from capable legal counsel.

Texting while driving car accidents in Medford could be easier to handle with support from a dedicated legal team. Call today for a consultation.