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Elements of a Burlington County Bike Accident

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When an individual is handling a bike accident case, outside of preparing for litigation, they need to ensure they are correctly dealing with their insurance company. Sometimes, in New Jersey, if an individual owns a bicycle and they get struck by a motor vehicle, their own car insurance may be the one responsible for paying any medical bills. The important aspects of handling the case early on are making sure that the proper insurance companies are paying for the medical treatment that is needed.

The other element of a Burlington County bicycle accident is assisting an individual who is injured and the family who is being affected by it. This assistance pertains to helping an individual if their injuries are significant, and they are out of work for an extended period of time. Bills can accumulate quickly, so an individual should not hesitate before contacting a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Burlington County.

The Difference Between Bicycle and Car Accidents

The elements of a Burlington County bike accident that are different from car accident cases are often with regard to the traffic laws. A lot of times, an individual needs to be able to prove that the specific bike laws apply to their case. A bicyclist has the same laws with regard to the right of way and the roadway as a motor vehicle would, so they need to try to show that through the investigation.

These laws are that this bicycle was abiding by the traffic laws, it was driving with traffic, and it was crossing the street when they had the green light. Those are all elements that show why another driver may be at fault in a Burlington County bike accident case and not the bicyclist.

Preparing for Litigation

The way that an Burlington County bike accident attorney will build the strongest case possible and prepare for litigation is done in the beginning stages. Before the case ever goes to trial, the specific elements involved in the case will have been prepared. An individual needs to confirm and prove who was at fault, and an attorney will do that with photographs or video surveillance. Sometimes, a case will require engineers to do an accident reconstruction to determine how the accident occurred.

Once a lawyer feels comfortable with building a liability case, it then turns over to the damages. The damages involved in a Burlington County bicycle accident are both economic and non-economic damages. For the economic damages, a lawyer will prove what the lost wages are, what the medical bills are, and what the future lost wages will be. If there are future lost wages, a lawyer will hire economic experts to come in, write a report, do an analysis, and determine what the individual’s lost wages will be going forward.

A lawyer will then determine any non-economic damages, which is the pain and suffering, injuries, and the effect it is going to have on a person’s life going forward. A lawyer will do that with medical records and by hiring medical experts to have opinions with a reasonable degree of medical probability as to what injuries were sustained in the accident and how it is going to affect that person going forward.

How Lawyers Handle Medical Injuries

By contacting an attorney, an individual can be sure that their rights are being protected. Sometimes, people do not know if their injuries are severe or if they are minor; they just know that they are in pain and that someone else was at fault. They do not know what is going to happen going forward, and are still in the process of getting medical treatment and making that determination.

A lawyer can get letters out to the insurance companies, letting them know that their client is represented. An experienced car accident attorney in Burlington County can deal with the insurance companies, making sure that medical bills are being paid and that everything is being done properly.

If for some reason an individual does not have severe injuries, they should still contact an attorney as they may still be entitled to something. If an individual is out of work, there may be ways to apply for short-term disability. An individual should not wait until all of their treatment is over and all of the medical bills and lost wages have piled up, because there may be ways to take care of that sooner rather than later.

Contacting An Attorney From Grungo Law Today

An individual should speak to an attorney before receiving medical information about their injuries. This is because they may not yet know what the full extent of their medical injuries are, and issues with payment may begin to arise. There may be issues with both who is paying for the treatment, and who is going to make sure that the individual is getting the proper treatment that they need. An attorney can make sure that individuals are not left holding medical bills for treatment and that the insurance companies are held responsible.

If you have been in a bicycle or car accident, contact Grungo Law today. We are here to to help those who have been injured and provide them with the guidance and representation they need while providing the best service as possible.