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Mistakes To Avoid After A Burlington County Car Accident

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There are many mistakes an individual should avoid after being involved in a car accident, one of which is not getting in touch with a Burlington County car accident attorney. However, one of the biggest mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Burlington County is to discuss your accident, injuries, and medical treatment with the insurance company. The other person’s insurance company is going to attempt to contact you, take a recorded statement from you, and use that against you down the road.

What is the Consequence of Avoiding Medical Treatment after a Car Crash?

The other mistake that people make is that they do not go for medical treatment. Some people just do not like to go the doctors or think that their injuries are going to get better and they delay seeing a physician. This is a mistake for two reasons.

Most importantly, an individual should not compromise their health. If an individual is in pain or is having problems after their accident, they need to make sure that they are in good health. The second reason that avoiding medical treatment is a mistake is that it prevents the accumulation of evidence. Medical treatment involves recording all of a person’s injuries and costs, which is invaluable evidence during trial.

Speaking with Insurance

Many times, after an individual is involved in a car accident in Burlington County, their adrenaline is going, and they are prone to make mistakes that may cost them later on in the case. The insurance company may try to contact the individual almost immediately to get a recorded statement with regard to what their injuries are, and what kind of pain they are feeling, etc. Sometimes, individuals do not want to complain when they speak with the insurance company. They may not know the full extent of their injuries following a car accident, and the recorded statement they give can then be used against them down the road.

A way to avoid the mistake of dealing with the insurance company yourself after a Burlington County car accident is to contact an attorney who is used to dealing with them. The reason that people make some of these mistakes is because they do not know the correct way to act after an accident. People sometimes have not been in a car accident before, and they do not know what to expect following a collision.

Individuals may not understand the law in New Jersey where, following an accident, your own insurance company pays your medical bills. They may also not understand that there are certain laws in New Jersey with regard to verbal threshold. Trying to negotiate on your own with an insurance company, whether it be for property damage, money, pain and their suffering, or money for lost wages, is a mistake. These insurance companies do not have the best interests of the individual in mind. They are trying to pay as little as they can for claims. An experienced lawyer can assist you in making sure that you do not make any damaging mistakes following a car accident in Burlington County.

Why is it a Mistake to Settle a Burlington County Car Accident Case?

A person should not consider settling their case until they have discussed it with an attorney. An attorney can look at all of the facts surrounding the claim and let them know whether or not they think it is a fair settlement. That is done is by having years of experience looking at test results to determine what is a fair settlement. This analysis is slightly difficult to make because every person’s claim is different. Everyone’s life is affected differently, depending on the circumstances of their life, their family life, and what their injuries are.

It is important to make sure that the amount of money a person is receiving at the end of a settlement is worth any trouble or injury the accident might have caused them, because once the case is settled, a person cannot reopen the case no matter the reason. That is why it is imperative to speak with a Burlington County personal injury attorney before making the mistake of accepting a low settlement offer for a car accident claim.

Steps to Take after an Accident

The first thing that someone should do after a car accident in Burlington County is, primarily make sure they are physically okay, along with their passengers. If they are not, if they are having any pain at all, they should get medical treatment as soon as possible. If anyone has any pain in any part of their body, they want to get medical treatment first and foremost.

Following that, if they are physically able to, they want to get photographs of the property damage to both their vehicle and to the other vehicle. A person needs to document that, because attorneys have seen several times where damage changes, whether the car gets fixed, or the vehicle is unable to be located. If someone is able to get the photographs of the vehicle, they should do so almost immediately.

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The next thing they need to do would be to contact an attorney. There are many mistakes to avoid for someone in a Burlington County car accident case that go into who is paying their medical bills for medical treatment, who is paying their property damage for their vehicle, and who is going to compensate them if they are out of work for an extended period of time. That is why it is important to contact an attorney from Grungo Law as soon as possible, but to remember that medical help is always the first concern.