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Burlington County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

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There are several forms of nursing home abuse that can occur in Burlington County. There is intentional abuse, where the staff of the nursing home is physically abusing the elderly and the residents of their home. There is also abuse in the form of neglect, which can result in serious bedsores. That neglect can also result in falls and malnutrition. Further, there are instances of theft, where nursing home staff steals things from the elderly. There are a lot of elements of nursing home abuse that can be uncomfortable to deal with, solidifying the necessity of an attorney.

If your loved one has suffered due to abuse in a nursing home, it is pertinent that you contact a Burlington County nursing home abuse lawyer as soon possible to begin preparing a strong case. Our team will be able to gather all the necessary evidence to help maximize any damages you and your loved one may be deserving of.

Frequency of Abuse

Nursing home residents are normally abused by staff, and that abuse can be intentional and could also result from neglect. A Burlington County personal injury attorney will sometimes see a nursing home that has become greedy and is attempting to make more money by keeping the nursing home understaffed, or staffing it with people who are not well-trained.

Unfortunately, the nursing homes are taking advantage of a very vulnerable population: the elderly people who should be properly taken care of. These patients are getting taken advantage of by these nursing homes that are not staffed properly, resulting in forms of abuse. An individual should contact a Burlington County medical malpractice attorney to bring forward a case of abuse on behalf of their loved one.

This abuse can occur by both permanent staff and non-permanent staff at nursing homes. This all depends on the nursing home itself and the owners of the nursing home. Every nursing home is operated a bit differently and there are many types of abuse.

Potential Damages

In a nursing home abuse case, there are several elements of damages. A lot of times, there are medical bills that result from the treatment that is needed to treat this injured person. Because the nursing home is the reason that the individual was hurt, those medical bills should be paid for by the nursing home. That treatment was necessary because of this nursing home’s abuse, so they should be held accountable to pay for those medical bills.

The other element of damages is the pain and suffering that the patient had to go through simply because they were abused or neglected by a nursing home. That pain and suffering is an element of damages, and is often given a lot of weight.

In some cases, if a Burlington County nursing home abuse lawyer can show that the abuse was intentional or that the neglect was so willfully negligent, they can pursue the nursing home for what is called punitive damages. Punitive damages are an element of damages that are meant to punish the nursing home.

That amount of damages varies depending on how egregious the negligence was, but punitive damages are something that not only goes to the family to compensate them and the injured party, but also goes to punish the nursing home. The hope of it is that it will prevent this from ever happening again.

Initial Steps to Take

One of the first things an individual should do if they are suspecting that a loved one is being abused in a nursing facility is to possibly change nursing home facilities.

Once an individual removes their loved one from that nursing home, it is important that they contact a Burlington nursing home abuse attorney so that they can begin an investigation. A Burlington County nursing home abuse attorney will need to get all of the medical records from that prior nursing home facility, find out what happened, why it was happening, whether it intentional, or if it was neglectful.

A lawyer will need to determine how it could have been prevented both for your loved one and so it does not happen to someone else’s loved one in the future.

Benefits of a Burlington County Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

A Burlington County nursing home abuse lawyer can investigate all matters of the case and get answers for the family involved. The individual’s loved one, whether it be a father, a mother, or a grandparent, has suffered due to someone else’s negligence and deserves to be properly compensated.

An attorney can investigate these cases and determine:

  • Why did this happen?
  • Was it intentional abuse?
  • Did this occur because the nursing home was understaffed?
  • Was the individual being neglected?

Once an attorney is able to do an investigation, they will find out that abuse or neglect happened, and they can pursue any damages from that nursing home. A Burlington County nursing home abuse lawyer will be able to help get justice for the individual’s loved one that was taken advantage of. Being able to pursue a civil lawsuit is one of the only things that can be done to somehow punish the nursing home to ensure that this sort of abuse or neglect does not happen again.

Contact A Burlington County Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

If you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect in Burlington County, it is essential to take immediate action to protect your loved one’s rights and well-being. Contact an experienced Burlington County nursing home abuse attorney from Grungo Law or call us at (856)-528-4494 to take your first step towards seeking justice and holding those responsible accountable.