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Burlington County Side Impact Collision Lawyer 

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Dealing with the consequences of an auto accident can be very difficult, and side impact collisions generally have a more devastating effect on the human body than any other type. But you do not have to do it alone. The legal team of Burlington County side impact collision lawyers is ready to help you fight for justice

Side impact car crashes – also referred to as “T-bone accidents” or “broadside collisions” – kill lots of Americans every year, more than rear-end and head-on collisions put together. Even at relatively low speeds, side-impact car crashes usually cause serious injuries to the occupants of the car that was hit. A car accident attorney in Burlington County can speak more towards the subject.

Why Choose Grungo Law?

Burlington County side impact collision lawyers from Grungo Law will go over the crash scene with a fine-tooth comb. Photographs of the scene itself and the damaged vehicles are essential. Witnesses’ memories can fade quickly, so they must be tracked down and interviewed as soon as possible.

Expert witnesses, who can testify with authority about both the causes of road accidents and the effects of side impact collisions on the victims, are highly useful. The personal injury attorneys in Burlington County will call upon well-respected experts who can try to help you win your case, or win a substantial settlement even if it does not go to trial.

Extreme Dangers of Side-Impact Collisions

Why are these types of crashes so dangerous? Today’s automobiles have safety features such as airbags and improved bumpers to protect drivers and passengers from front and rear accidents. But the occupants of a car are still largely unprotected from side impact collisions.

For people riding on the struck side of the car, severe injuries are most commonly delivered to the person’s neck, followed by the head, chest, legs, and abdomen/pelvis. For individuals riding on the other side, head injuries are most common, followed by chest injuries. These kinds of injuries can have lifelong consequences. Neck and spine damage often cause chronic pain, shock, and even paralysis.

Common Injuries Resulting from Accident

In many side impact accidents, the body of a person is accelerated by the crash impact while the head remains static, which causes the neck to absorb most of the force. The rapid movement back and forth (known as whiplash) results in injuries to nerve roots and discs in the cervical spine. Concussions are another common type of injury. Effects of concussion include difficulty thinking clearly or concentrating, as well as an inability to understand or retain new information. Headaches and sensitivity to noise or light are common symptoms of a concussion.

The neurons in the brain can be easily damaged if the brain is slammed back and forth within the skull. If brain cells are destroyed, a person’s ability to learn can be severely impaired. The effect can be particularly pronounced in children and the elderly. Side impact car crashes most often occur at intersections when drivers run red lights or stop signs, and have a significantly higher chance of causing bodily damage when the struck car is broadsided by a larger car with a higher bumper. Talk to a Burlington side impact collision lawyer for more information.

Potential Recoverable Damages

What kind of damages can be won in automobile accident cases? They include:

  • Lost wages or other income
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of consortium (the deprivation of the benefits of a family relationship, if a loved one was the person injured)
  • Psychological distress

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