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Burlington County Premises Liability Lawyer

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New Jersey premises liability law holds landowners, whether residential or commercial, responsible for the condition of their property. Failure to maintain the accepted standard of safety on a premise can result in severe injuries, such as broken bones, burns, and spinal cord damage. The injured party deals not only with pain and suffering, but medical expenses, lost wages, and potentially permanent physical or psychological damage.

If you have suffered from a serious slip-and-fall or similar accident on another’s premises because of preventable conditions, you need the services of a Burlington County premises liability lawyer to seek accountability and compensation from the responsible party. An experienced Burlington County personal injury lawyer can fight for your rights.

Common Premises Liability Scenarios

Premises liability in Burlington County ranges beyond the classic slip-and-fall due to homeowners, commercial property owners, or government entities failing to clear driveways and walkways of snow and ice. Other common premises liability instances include:

  • Building code violations
  • Criminal activity
  • Inadequate security
  • Liquor liability
  • Loose dogs
  • Junk bulk items potentially harmful to children
  • Overgrown vegetation obscuring driveways
  • Toxic substances
  • Vermin

An accident’s injured party must prove that a defective condition permitted by the property owner caused their injuries. If someone is hurt on another’s premises or believes conditions of the premises have harmed them, it is crucial to provide as much documentation as possible.

While it is often not possible after an accident for an injured individual to take photos or videos of the site, it is important to have a family member or friend take dated photos immediately. A weather-related hazard, such as ice, may disappear within hours, so it is important to document existing conditions as soon as possible. If one has fell from a weather hazard, a Burlington County slip and fall lawyer will be able to build a better case with sufficient evidence.

Potential Compensation In A Premises Liability Case

Whether or not an injured person may receive compensation depends on why they were on the property in question. Customers or clients in commercial buildings and people invited to private homes are in a different category than someone who sustains injuries while trespassing on the property. In the latter situation, the property owner only has the duty to avoid intentionally harming the trespasser. If the trespasser is a child, it changes the nuances of the situation and how it is addressed according to the law.

By law, the landlord is held to a higher standard. If there is an inherent danger on the property that a child may be attracted to, or what is called an attractive nuisance, the landlord must provide reasonable care to protect children. One good example is legislation that requires fencing around swimming pools to prevent children from accidentally falling in.

Premises liability lawsuits must be filed within two years of the incident, while any claim involving a government entity requires filing within 90 days, so the help of a premises liability lawyer in Burlington County is essential as soon as possible.

Contacting a Burlington County Premises Liability Lawyer

Burlington premises liability lawsuits are complicated. A Burlington County premises liability lawyer investigates to find out what party is liable for the condition causing the accident. An experienced lawyer will review any police or medical records concerning the incident, and contact witnesses. A skilled attorney will know how to present this evidence to an insurance company or in court as part of the efforts to gain compensation for all clients.

If you or a loved one has been injured on another person’s property, or conditions emanating from another’s property have adversely affected you, a premises liability lawyer in Burlington County from Grungo Law will review the circumstances of your case and advise you of your options moving forward. Contact or call us at (856)-528-4494.