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Injuries in Burlington County Motorcycle Accidents

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The injuries in a motorcycle accident tend to be very significant. Quite often, this means that there needs to be a substantial financial recovery from the responsible party.

Compensation for the injured party generally includes pain and suffering as well as all past, current, and future medical bills. A Burlington County motorcycle accident attorney can make sure that the injured motorcyclist is getting the treatment and care that they need and that the responsible party is the one paying for it.

Motorcycle Accidents Have An Increased Frequency

Motorcycle accidents happen more frequently than pedestrian accidents. This is because pedestrians are usually crossing the street in expected areas such as a crosswalk or an intersection where drivers know to look for them.

However, often drivers are not looking for or prepared to drive safely around motorcyclists. Motorcycles ride at the speed of traffic on highways and in the street. Often cars simply do not see them coming into their lane or cut them off when merging.

These accidents often result in significant injuries even in cases of a minor fender-bender. When a car taps a moving motorcycle, it will likely result in the motorcyclist being thrown off of the motorcycle. This kind of motorcycle accidents in Burlington County results in significant injuries.

Common Theme of Motorcycle Accidents

The most common theme in Burlington County motorcycle accidents is the severity of the injuries. An attorney will often see head injuries, severely broken bones, and road rash because of the fact that the motorcyclist did not have the protection of an automobile.

The other common theme of motorcycle accidents is the cause. Often the accident occurred simply because the driver of the other vehicle did not see the motorcyclist because they were not looking or were driving negligently.

Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

In addition to traumatic brain injuries and broken bones, they are often deaths as a result of motorcycle accidents. This is due to the speed and the nature of the accident itself. It is tough, but motorcyclists do not always survive these accidents.

Other types of injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents in Burlington County are severe road rash and severe lacerations. When a motorcyclist is thrown from their bike going at a high speed and do not stop as soon as they hit the ground, their body continues to be thrown forward along the asphalt with the speed and momentum of the bike. The resulting lacerations and road rash can be very severe and very painful.

It is a case-by-case basis as to what injuries could have a substantial long-term consequence. Any injury that is not going to heal, whether that is a traumatic brain injury or it is an injury to a body part, will have a substantial long-term consequence on every aspect of someone’s life.

Severity of Accidents From A Motorcycle

Motorcycle accidents can be more serious than car accidents because a person is protected in a car. Protections in a car that a motorcycle does not have includes:

  • air bags
  • seatbelts
  • metal body of the vehicle surrounding the driver and passengers a person

When a person is on a motorcycle and in an accident, there is nothing protecting them from the road and from that other car.

Increased Risk of Injury

Motorcyclists should be aware of the increased risk of injury compared to other types of motor operating vehicles when riding. Every time a person gets on a motorcycle they are taking a risk of injury from a Burlington County motorcycle accident even if they are abiding by all laws.

If someone else is not paying attention, texting, or on their phone and do not see the motorcycle, it will likely result in a severe accident. the injuries to the Burlington County motorcyclist are going to be significant, and likely permanent. Unfortunately, the personal injury attorneys in Burlington County who represent motorcycle accident claims sometimes even see death.

Role of an Attorney

It is vital for a motorcyclist to understand that every time they are getting on their bike they are taking a risk, even if they are doing everything that they should because the other drivers may not be. Our attorneys can be there for you and your loved one in the case that the unthinkable happens and you are severely injured. We can pursue financial compensation for the injuries and suffering you have sustained. Contact a Burlington County motorcycle accident lawyer today.

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