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Unique Elements of a Burlington County Pedestrian Accident Case

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One of the things that distinguishes Burlington County pedestrian accident cases from regular motor vehicle accident cases is that the pedestrian does not have the protection of being surrounded by a motor vehicle. There is nothing between them and the car that is hitting them, there is no metal, there is no airbag, there is no seatbelt.

A lot of times, what Burlington County pedestrian accident attorneys are dealing with are more significant injuries, more head injuries, more broken bones. It is always more severe. A lot of times, that results in a longer recovery process, more medical bills, more lost wages, and unfortunately sometimes more permanent injuries that are going to affect this person for the rest of their lives.

Pedestrian Laws In Burlington County

One thing that is unique in pedestrian accident cases is the law in Burlington County is that pedestrians always have the right of way. It is important when there is a pedestrian case to find out why that driver did not see this pedestrian.

The presumption is always that when someone is a driver, they have a duty and a responsibility to make observations of the roadway. When pedestrians have the right of way and they combine that with a motor vehicle operator’s duty to make observations of the roadway, it raises the question, why did they not see this pedestrian? That is what always comes in that is unique in these cases in Burlington County. It is determining where the pedestrian was, were they in the crosswalk, were they visible, and why did the car not see them.

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The main thing someone should look for in a Burlington County personal injury attorney is experience. There are some unique factors to a pedestrian car accident case and you want to make sure that you have an attorney who has handled those cases before and not only has the experience but also has the results.

When they have handled these pedestrian cases, what was the result at the end of the day? Were they able to make that person whole again? Were they able to help them? Were they able to help them and their family in getting back on their feet and putting them in the position they would have been if the driver who hit them was just paying attention? An attorney will be essential in uncovering more information during this cases.

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