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Burlington County Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

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Spinal cord injuries can dramatically change the lives of victims and their families. Damage to the vertebrae is often permanently disabling and can eliminate or severely reduce a person’s ability to work and care for themselves. In many cases, spinal cord injuries result in some degree of paralysis. The extent of a person’s loss of mobility depends on the severity and location of the injury.

Therefore, if you or a loved one has suffered from debilitating backbone damage, you should consider contacting a Burlington County spinal cord injury lawyer for assistance. Our team can assess your claim and help identify potentially liable parties.

Backbone Damage in Burlington County

The spinal cord contains the nerves that control all bodily movements and functions. When a motor vehicle crash, fall, or other incident crushes, severs, or otherwise damages the nerves in the spine, the effects of this damage on the body can be significant.

Spinal cord injuries may result from various situations, although the most common result from falls, car accidents, and workplace mishaps, according to our Burlington County spinal cord injury attorney. If another person or party’s negligence leads someone to sustain backbone damage, he or she may be liable for the costs of the injury. A personal injury lawyer in Burlington County may be able to help accident victims recover compensation to assist with expenses related to their spinal cord injuries.

The long-term expenses of a spinal cord injury can be overwhelming. Aside from emergency care and rehabilitation, spinal cord injury victims often require ongoing medical and personal care. Although many individuals with damaged vertebrae can remain living at home, they may still need regular care or even daily assistance.

Negligence Leading to Spinal Cord Injuries

Negligence forms the basis of most spinal cord injury claims. A person or company that fails to exercise reasonable care toward others could face civil liability for any subsequent backbone damage someone suffers in an accident.

For instance, all motorists owe a duty of reasonable care to others while they are driving. If a driver violates traffic laws or otherwise operates his or her vehicle in a way that endangers others, he or she may be subject to criminal penalties. However, he or she may also face civil liability if someone suffers a spinal cord injury as a result of his or her negligence. A Burlington County car accident attorney could assist an injured claimant in gathering evidence to prove that other parties are responsible for his or her damaged vertebrae.

The Role of Comparative Negligence

In some cases, spinal cord injuries result from accidents that are not the fault of just one person or entity. The opposing party may allege that an injured person is partially responsible for his or her own losses. Depending on the circumstances, a spinal cord injury victim or their family still may be able to recover damages.

As long as the injured party is less than 50 percent at fault for the incident that caused his or her backbone damage, he or she can recover a reduced portion of damages. The reduction in recoverable damages depends on the percentage of fault attributable to the claimant. If he or she bears more than 50 percent of the fault, however, he or she will be unable to recover damages in a lawsuit.

Consult a Burlington County Spinal Cord Injury Attorney For Advice

Whether your spinal cord injury stems from a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, or defective product, you might have legal recourse to recover compensation for your losses. While you focus your efforts on your physical and mental health, a Burlington County spinal cord injury lawyer could work on getting you the compensation you need.

Pursuing negligent or reckless parties for compensation related to your damaged vertebrae would also allow you to hold them responsible for their actions. Taking this step may give you peace of mind in the future, both financially and emotionally, so contact or call us at (856)-528-4494.