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Filing a Pedestrian Accident Claim in Burlington County

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There are several reasons that a person who suffered a pedestrian accident may want to file an action against the party responsible for their accident and their subsequent injuries. Generally, this is done to try to put them in the position they would have been if this never occurred. There are also certain elements of damages to be aware of that could result from a pedestrian accident when pursuing a claim.

When filing a claim for a pedestrian accident in Burlington County, there can be complexities of the process and the determination of damages that a Burlington County pedestrian accident attorney can help to streamline.

Determination of Damages

The first aspect of a case to look at in the determination of damages after a pedestrian accident in Burlington County are the medical bills. The medical bills may pile up. That should not be the injured party’s responsibility. If a pedestrian is crossing the street in the crosswalk with the right of way and someone is not paying attention, comes, and hits them, that individual who is crossing the street and abiding by the laws should not be stuck with outstanding medical bills.

Secondly, if they are unable to work or their loved one is unable to return to work, that is going to pile up. Lost wages—or if they have to use vacation time and sick time that they otherwise could have used for other things—they can be compensated for that. Burlington County personal injury attorneys want to make sure that that other person’s insurance company and that other person compensates their client for that.

Finally, there is that individuals pain and suffering and the effect that it has on their life.  The best attorneys can do to try to make their client whole again, with regard to the effect that this has had on their life, is to try to get them some sort of compensation to put them back to before their accident. That is the main reason why, if someone is involved in a pedestrian accident in Burlington County, they should consider filing a claim.

Medical Treatment

Once someone is able to prove the liability aspect of a pedestrian accident claim, then what goes into the investigation is the medical treatment, and this is something that Burlington County attorneys can help with. It is making sure that their client is getting to the right doctors and making sure that if they are having headaches or if they are having concussion symptoms that they are seeing a neurologist or a concussion expert. If they are having injuries to their spine, they should see an orthopedic surgeon. If they need pain management, they should get into a pain management position.

These are all important not only for someone’s case but, more importantly, for their life. Attorneys need to try to get their client back to the way they were. Health is the most important thing and that is something that attorneys will always help with.

Once they have a general understanding of how the accident happened and what their medical injuries are, lawyers can start gathering medical records to help when they file a claim for their pedestrian accident. They can start putting together the pieces regarding what their injuries are, what their prognosis is, what their medical bills are, what their lost wages are, and what they can expect going forward. At that point, that is when they can start trying to negotiate with the insurance company.

Steps of an Investigation

In a pedestrian accident case, first and foremost, when someone is doing an investigation, they should determine what happened, who is at fault, how the accident occurred, what the other driver was doing, why they did not see the pedestrian, and whether the pedestrian was in the crosswalk, on the sidewalk, or visible to the other driver.

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