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GC Giving Back – The Deserving Teacher Award

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Grungo Law is happy to award one of many amazing teachers for the Deserving Teacher Award Nomination! We’re honored to announce Scott Adams of Camden Big Picture Learning Academy who has more than thirty years of dedicated service to the community as a Physical Education teacher as this year’s winner.

Mr. Adams is known as one of the most beloved P.E. teachers in the city because he goes above and beyond his duties of being a P.E. teacher. Mr. Adams has helped his students in many subjects such as academics, public speaking, leadership skills, athleticism, and help in manage their stress in way that is both healthy and safe. Mr. Adams created an after school weightlifting club just for this reason. We’re thankful for Mr. Adams keeping students off the streets! According to the CDC unintentional injury is one of the most common causes of death in children under the age of 15 which can include car accidents, bike accidents, and even pedestrian accidents.

Mr. Adams’s caring personality has made him a mentor and role model in the Camden community. He greets every student and staff member by name, he leads by example, he remains open-minded to new ideas, and most importantly he will always go beyond what is asked if he knows it will benefit a student.

As a New Jersey and Pennsylvania-based injury firm, Grungo Law serves six counties including Burlington, Camden, and Cumberland and is committed to serving the community.

Grungo Law thanks Mr. Adams for his dedication to students in the community!


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