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No matter who owns or operates a bus, each passenger on a public transit vehicle can reasonably expect to receive consistent service from a sufficiently trained driver and to not have their rides inhibited by mechanical defects or subpar vehicle maintenance. If you suffered a serious injury because a bus driver or company failed to meet any of these standards for safe operation, their negligence may justify a lawsuit in the event of an accident, and one of our experienced bus accident attorneys can offer expertise.

However, additional rules and restrictions on civil litigation may apply depending on the specific person or entity responsible for a bus wreck, so you should think twice before trying to pursue this sort of case without help from a seasoned personal injury attorney. Once retained, a Cape May County bus accident lawyer could diligently protect your rights and give you the best chances of recovery for your unique circumstances. Call today for a free consultation at (856) 281-3446.

What Makes Bus Accident Claims in Cape May County Complicated?

Different defendants may be at fault for bus accident injuries depending on how the collision occurred. For instance, a bus driver or their employer would bear liability for a sudden stop or start that injured someone boarding or disembarking the vehicle, while a wreck that stems from a brake failure might be the fault of a third-party mechanic or component manufacturer.

However, things can get even more complex when a municipal or government entity bears liability for a public transit vehicle crash. While public transportation accidents are one of the few exceptions to the civil immunity government entities generally have, much stricter filing deadlines apply to these cases than those applicable to other civil claims.

Under New Jersey Revised Statutes §59:8-8, individuals harmed in municipal bus wrecks must notify the public agency allegedly at fault of their intent to sue within 90 days of the accident. Additionally, an injured claimant must file suit no later than six months after serving that notice. In light of these and various other restrictions on civil lawsuits against government authorities, it is best to seek counsel from a local attorney in the aftermath of a public transit vehicle crash.

Recovering Damages after a Public Transit Vehicle Crash

Another difference between claims against municipal authorities and those involving private entities is recoverable damages. While any civil lawsuit should allow recovery for objective economic losses like medical bills and vehicle repair costs if applicable, anything a bus crash victim receives from their own insurance policy would be deducted from the damages they could seek from a municipal entity, according to N.J.R.S. §59:9-2(e).

Furthermore, this statute also grants public entities immunity from punitive or exemplary damages in all circumstances and only allows recovery for non-economic damages if an accident results in both permanent disfigurement and at least $3,600 in medical expenses. A bus crash lawyer in Cape May County could go into further detail about what damages may be available in a particular plaintiff’s situation.

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Whether you were riding on a private charter bus, a municipal bus, a school bus, or any other public transit vehicle, you have a legally enforceable right to expect reasonable care from bus drivers and operating companies at all times while using their services. If any such party violates this duty of care and causes you to get hurt as a result, you may have grounds to file suit for significant civil compensation.

A conversation with a Cape May County bus accident lawyer should be your first priority after seeking appropriate medical care for the injuries you sustained in a public transit vehicle wreck. Schedule your first consultation by calling our firm today.