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Consumers should reasonably expect that the products they use are safe. Unfortunately, many unsuspecting consumers in Cape May County suffer serious or even fatal injuries from using defective or dangerous products.

If you or a family member sustained a serious injury after using a defective product, you might be eligible to receive a financial settlement in a personal injury claim from the person or company that designed, manufactured, or distributed the item. Let an experienced Cape May County defective products lawyer help you receive compensation for your losses.

Elements of a Dangerous Products Lawsuit

To succeed in a product liability claim in Cape May County, an injured claimant should work with a local lawyer to establish that:

  • They were using the product as intended according to its directions or in a manner that another reasonable consumer might use it,
  • Their use of the product caused them to suffer a severe injury,
  • The product had a defect, and
  • The defect in the product played a significant role in causing the otherwise preventable injury.

Experienced attorneys could review what happened to a prospective claimant and determine whether they have a strong case for product liability.

Common Types of Product Defects in Cape May County

Many kinds of products can cause harm to consumers – especially when they are not used correctly. Many lawsuits arising from dangerous consumer goods involve the following:

  • Hazardous drugs
  • Defective medical equipment and devices
  • Faulty automobiles and automotive parts
  • Dangerous toys (e., choking hazards)
  • Tainted food contaminated by salmonella or listeria
  • Dangerous household products, including defective appliances
  • Toxic chemical agents in cleaning products
  • Defective machinery on construction sites

Our seasoned attorneys are experienced in investigating injuries caused by dangerous products and have a proven track record of success with successfully litigating a variety of defective consumer goods.

Understanding Liability for Dangerous Consumer Goods

Products must be safe for consumers to use. Many factors can contribute to an item’s dangerous qualities, including poor design aspects, improper manufacturing techniques, and misleading marketing tactics.

Design Defects

If a product has an inherently dangerous design, every iteration will likely have the same defect, regardless of whether the manufacturing and building processes are safe. For example, if a car model is designed with faulty brakes, every version of that car will be dangerous to consumers.

Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturers are expected to develop and produce items that are free from defects. This means the manufacturing process needs to be safe. Fortunately, federal consumer protection agencies set standards for product safety intended to help keep consumers safe from dangerously made goods. These standards require manufacturers to ensure their products undergo rigorous quality and safety testing.

Marketing Defects

Sellers must warn customers of the potential risks of their products, usually by including warning labels on the packaging. They must also provide clear instructions on how to safely use the item. If someone suffers injuries after using a product according to its directions, that item may have been marketed incorrectly.

Our team of skilled lawyers understands how to interpret the federal, state, and local regulations for the quality of consumer goods and how they apply to specific cases. An attorney in Cape May County could review a company’s protocols to see if it neglected federal safety standards concerning a product’s design, testing, or manufacturing. With their experience, one of our attorneys could also review an item’s instructions to look for marketing defects.

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Product liability cases can be extremely complicated, so it is important to put your trust in the right legal representative. A Cape May County defective products lawyer at our firm could take on a large company on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact our team today to learn more.

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