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Any injury that stems from someone else’s reckless or careless conduct can have a detrimental impact on your life in the weeks and months following an accident as you recover from your injuries and deal with medical expenses and other inconveniences. However, when an injury borne of negligence results in a permanent impairment, the impact can be catastrophic, often warranting greater compensatory awards in civil court.

Recovering compensation to cover all the harm a catastrophic injury causes often requires the assistance of a local personal injury attorney who has successfully litigated such severe cases. Assistance from a seasoned Cape May County catastrophic injury lawyer could make a substantial difference in your the outcome of your case and your ability to obtain the restitution you need to cover your or your loved one’s long-term damages.

What is Unique about “Catastrophic” Injuries?

While there is no strict legal definition of “catastrophic injury” codified by New Jersey state law, civil courts and insurance companies in Cape May County generally understand an injury to be “catastrophic” when it permanently inhibits a person’s ability to hold gainful employment and perform day-to-day tasks. Common examples of catastrophic injuries that our attorneys help file suit over include:

  • Spinal cord damage resulting in paralysis
  • Traumatic brain damage leading to a permanent loss of mobility and/or cognitive function
  • Loss of the use of a limb, or limb amputation
  • Loss of hearing or vision
  • Severe organ damage
  • Severe burns leading to significant scarring and/or loss of sensation

Because the effects of a catastrophic injury will invariably last for the rest of a victim’s life, their approach to civil recovery must account for the long-term effects of the harm. In addition to short-term losses like emergency medical expenses, comprehensive recovery for this kind of injury should also include future medical expenses, the permanent loss of earning capacity, and various non-economic losses like loss of consortium with a spouse and inability to participate in hobbies.

Proving Liability for Life-Altering Harm

Outside of the scope of recoverable damages, catastrophic injury claims in Cape May County are similar to other civil cases. For example, a catastrophic injury victim or their representative must prove legal negligence by showing that the defendant breached their duty of care and proximately caused compensable losses to recover compensation. They must also prove that they themselves were not partially or primarily responsible for the accident that caused their catastrophic damages.

Most importantly, the two-year statutory filing deadline set by New Jersey Revised Statutes §2A:14-2 applies to all civil cases regardless of how severe a plaintiff’s injuries are. The need to accurately estimate and valuate future losses is one of the biggest reasons to retain experienced legal counsel for catastrophic injury cases.

Work with a Cape May County Catastrophic Injury Attorney

If someone else’s negligence led you or your loved one to suffer a permanent impairment or disability, the outcome of a catastrophic accident lawsuit could alter the course of your life. Comprehensive civil restitution is often essential in the wake of a severe accident.

The help of a qualified Cape May County catastrophic injury lawyer could make all the difference in what the rest of your life looks like following an injury of this magnitude. Call today to discuss your legal options in a confidential setting.