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Cape May County Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

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Severe injuries to the spinal cord typically have extremely debilitating consequences that almost always last for the remainder of the injured person’s life. If you or your loved one experienced vertebrae damage in an accident resulting from someone else’s recklessness, holding that person liable for their misconduct could help you and your family live a comfortable life moving forward.

A Cape May County spinal cord injury lawyer at our firm could serve as a crucial resource for legal advice and a steadfast ally throughout your fight for fair compensation. Once retained, a compassionate catastrophic injury attorney could walk you through all your legal options, help collect evidence of civil fault for your or your loved one’s injury, and help you overcome any legal obstacles that arise during your case.

The Lifelong Impact of Spinal Damage

The spinal cord connects the brain to the rest of the nervous system and contains a tight bundle of nerves within the vertebrae. Unfortunately, the spinal cord is especially susceptible to permanent harm because of its vital role in the body. That being said, the degree of harm a spinal injury causes will vary depending on whether the injury is “complete” or “incomplete” as well as the location of the injury.

Unlike a broken bone or a torn muscle, a complete injury to the spinal cord (i.e., the total severing of the nerve cluster) does not heal naturally over time, meaning its effects will always be present for the affected individual. Incomplete spinal cord injuries, such as bruising or slight tearing of the spine, have slightly better prognoses for recovery, but only after months or even years of intensive rehabilitative care.

In either case, spinal cord injuries generally result in long-term physical disabilities, extraordinary medical expenses, loss of capacity to earn income, and various other economic and non-economic losses. A qualified Cape May County attorney could help seek fair compensation for every form of harm a plaintiff experiences due to a devastating spinal injury.

How Cape May County Lawyers Could Help Victims of Vertebrae Damage

No matter how life-altering an injury resulting from negligence may be, the injured party must prove negligence by the defendant(s) named in their civil lawsuit or settlement demand through “a preponderance of the evidence.” A seasoned legal professional could help a spinal cord injury victim examine the circumstances of their accident, collect and preserve relevant evidence, and build the strongest possible case against the party or parties responsible.

Additionally, assistance from a local lawyer experienced in litigating vertebrae damage could be crucial to disproving allegations of comparative negligence against an injured plaintiff, which could otherwise reduce available compensation or even prevent recovery altogether. Furthermore, constructing and filing a valid claim before the two-year filing deadline set by New Jersey Revised Statutes §2A:14-2 can be challenging without help from dedicated legal counsel.

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Damage to the spinal cord is one of the most consequential and debilitating outcomes an accident can have, especially if that incident results in permanent paralysis. Comprehensive civil recovery in these kinds of cases is not just a matter of fairness, but often essential to preserving the health and wellbeing of accident victims in the wake of such tragic situations.

Whether you got hurt in a car wreck, due to a doctor’s mistake, through a bad fall, or by any other means, a Cape May County spinal cord injury lawyer could help you seek financial recovery and preserve your future prospects. Call today to learn more.