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We are fortunate to have access to new advances in medical care. Thankfully, the medications available today can cure or alleviate many ailments and help us manage chronic conditions. However, some drugs that we trust to be safe can hurt us.

Pharmaceutical companies that fail to remedy a medication’s defects or warn consumers of potential dangers and contraindications could be held liable for someone’s subsequent injuries or illnesses. If you suspect that a hazardous medication hurt you or a family member, a Cape May County dangerous drugs lawyer on our team could help you pursue financial compensation from responsible parties in a personal injury lawsuit.

What is a Dangerous Drugs Lawsuit?

Medication is supposed to help people, not hurt them. Some medications are inherently dangerous due to negligent design, manufacturing, or marketing errors. Manufacturers and sellers should take steps to make medications reasonably safe for consumers and patients to use. Specifically, drug manufacturers must test their products to identify any side effects and provide warnings about known adverse effects before releasing medications to the public.

Other times, typically safe drugs cause harm when pharmacists responsible for prescribing or administering them make mistakes. Pharmacists must fill prescriptions correctly and ensure that the right drug and dosage are given. Otherwise, these parties could be required to reimburse an injured or sick patient for their undue harm in a successful dangerous medication lawsuit filed with the help of a lawyer in Cape May County.

Determining Liability in a Cape May County Hazardous Medications Case

Drug manufacturers have a legal duty to produce medications that are reasonably safe for people to use or consume. The federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires drug companies to test proposed medications to ensure their safety before they can be put on the market. If a pharmaceutical company discovers that a new medication has dangerous side effects or counteractions with other drugs, they are obligated to clearly disclose that information to consumers by including warnings and instructions on the bottle or in the packaging, for example.

The local attorneys at our firm could evaluate a drug company’s manufacturing and testing protocols to see if they meet the FDA’s standards. One of our lawyers could also examine a medication’s packaging to determine whether a reasonable consumer would have been aware of the potential risks before taking the medicine.

It may be essential to work with an experienced team of legal advocates who know how to thoroughly investigate dangerous drug claims. Our lawyers understand how to identify discrepancies in the manufacturing or marketing of a hazardous medication.

Reach out to a Cape May County Dangerous Drugs Attorney

If a medication you took recently caused you undue harm, the parties responsible for producing and/or selling that drug should be held accountable. You may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries or illnesses. Consult with an experienced Cape May County dangerous drugs lawyer at our firm today to learn more about your legal rights and options.