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Cape May County Burn Injury Lawyer

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Serious burns can cause significant pain and long-term damage, especially if a large area of skin or sensitive part of the body is affected. Fortunately, any burn that requires professional medical attention could form the basis of a successful catastrophic injury lawsuit, as long as you can prove that someone else’s negligence caused the incident that led to you or your loved one getting burned.

Whether you would like to pursue a private settlement for your damages or take your case to court, a Cape May County burn injury lawyer on our team could provide individualized guidance and support along the way. With legal counsel by your side, you could have much better chances of obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Varying Degrees of Burn Injuries

The amount of compensation a burn injury victim may be entitled to recover from a negligent third party depends on the severity of the burn in question. To that end, first-degree burns that only affect the outer layer of skin generally do not warrant civil litigation, as they rarely require medical care beyond basic first aid.

Conversely, second-degree burns generally do require medical intervention and often cause:

  • Damage to both the outer epidermis and inner dermis layers of the skin
  • Blistering
  • Skin discoloration
  • Significant physical pain

If left untreated, deep second-degree burns can result in permanent scarring and/or loss of sensation in the impacted area.

Third-degree burns are even more catastrophic and involve the complete destruction of multiple skin layers as well as damage to fat layers, muscle tissue, nerves, and sometimes even bones. Emergency surgery and skin grafts are often necessary to treat third-degree burns, and victims almost always suffer permanent scarring or disfigurement as a result. A well-versed and dedicated lawyer in Cape May County could help document all necessary medical treatments for a burn injury to include in a comprehensive demand package,

Proving Fault for a Severe Burn

To successfully recover compensation for a sever burn, the plaintiff filing suit must prove that another party’s reckless, careless, or intentional act directly caused their injury, and that the damages they are seeking recovery for stemmed directly from that injury. Additionally, burn accident victims may also need to collect, preserve, and present evidence showing that they themselves were not at fault for causing or exacerbating their injury.

This is because New Jersey Revised Statutes §2A:15-5.1 grants civil courts the authority to proportionately reduce compensation for any civil plaintiff found partially liable for their own damages, or even bar recovery altogether if a plaintiff is found more responsible for the accident than the defendant. An experienced burn injury lawyer in the Cape May County area could provide crucial assistance in both respects.

Discuss Your Options with a Cape May County Burn Injury Attorney

Even if it will ultimately heal over time with proper medical care, a serious burn can still result in expensive medical bills, lost work wages, and immense physical pain. In more serious cases, the long-term effects of a burn may fundamentally alter the course of a person’s life.

A Cape May County burn injury lawyer could help you take proactive and effective legal action against anyone whose misconduct caused you or your loved one to suffer this kind of harm. Call our team today to schedule a consultation and learn more about your options.