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When you cross a parking lot at a place of business, cross the street during traffic intervals, or jog on the sidewalk, you are at risk of being involved in a pedestrian accident. When a motorist strikes a pedestrian with their car, they are likely to cause life-altering injuries or even death, as walkers and joggers have no protection from the impact of a vehicle.

If you or a loved one sustained severe injuries while walking somewhere, a Cape May County pedestrian accident lawyer at our firm could provide you with effective legal advocacy. A successful personal injury lawsuit against the driver of the car that struck you or your loved one could give you the financial means to move on from this traumatic event.

How do Pedestrians Become Involved in Accidents?

Generally, pedestrians become injured in collisions when negligent drivers do not see them until too it is late to avoid an accident. Sometimes, the driver is not at fault for the accident. For example, when a child runs into the road unexpectedly, or the driver was physically unable to see a pedestrian because of poor lighting or bad weather, they may not be subject to civil liability. However, most pedestrian accidents can be attributed to a motorist’s negligent or reckless driving. Speak to an accident attorney in Cape May County to learn more.

Some driver errors that commonly lead to pedestrians becoming injured include:

  • Driving above the speed limit
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Aggressive or impatient driving

Experienced personal injury lawyers in Cape May County know where to look for the right evidence to help an injured pedestrian prove that a driver was at fault for the crash. For instance, a member of our legal team could examine police and medical reports, speak to eyewitnesses, visit the accident scene, and inspect the car to piece together the opposing party’s liability.

Understanding New Jersey’s Shared Fault Standard

Local courts use the modified comparative negligence standard, meaning multiple parties can share liability for a single pedestrian accident. In other words, a driver who bears liability for causing an accident may allege that an injured pedestrian is partially responsible for the crash because they were, for example, crossing the road against a signal or outside a crosswalk.

In those cases, Cape May County courts would examine the accident and decide whether to assign liability to each party. As long as a pedestrian is less than 50 percent responsible for their own injuries, they would be awarded compensation, but the judge would reduce their recoverable damages in proportion to their assigned degree of blame. Our attorneys have extensive experience in successfully litigating pedestrian accidents and know how to help injured individuals refute allegations of comparative fault and obtain maximum compensation.

Contact A Cape May County Pedestrian Accident Attorney

The human body is not built to withstand a collision with a heavy car, and many people sustain debilitating or fatal injuries in the event of an accident. A compassionate Cape May County pedestrian accident lawyer on our team understands how difficult it can be to recover from such incidents. Our dedicated legal team will work diligently to get you and your family the restitution you deserve, so contact us.