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The term “premises liability” refers to the legal responsibility a property owner has when a person sustains injuries while occupying or visiting their property. Therefore if a property owner fails to maintain the land and/or building adequately, they may be held liable for the damages an occupier or visitor suffers as a result.

If you or someone you love were recently injured on another’s property due to the owner’s negligence, you may be owed monetary damages for any subsequent losses you have suffered. Our Cape May County premises liability lawyers could help you initiate your civil injury claim and build a proper case. Additionally, one of our dedicated Cape May County personal injury attorneys could address any legal obstacles that may arise while you focus on recovering after your accident.

Common Premises Liability Claims in Cape May County

A premises liability claim can arise from the injuries a person on another’s property sustains under a varying set of circumstances. Some of the more common types of property-related accidents that occur in these cases include:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Stairway collapse
  • Wet or uneven flooring
  • Defective electrical wiring
  • Slipping caused snow and ice
  • Escalator and elevator defects
  • Inadequate building security
  • Fires

It is important to note that the circumstances surrounding the status of the claimant and the type of property are considered when determining if a property owner is liable for an accident on their premises. For instance, whether the claimant was legally on the property and whether the property was a private dwelling, business, or public space are all factors that impact a defendant’s potential liability.

A skilled accident lawyer in Cape May County with premises liability case experience could review an injured party’s case to determine whether they may seek compensation.

Proving Negligence in a Cape May County Property Liability Case

For an injured party to recover monetary damages for their injuries, they must first prove that the harm they endured resulted from an owner’s negligent maintenance of their property. To establish an act of negligence on the part of a property owner, the injured party must demonstrate a few key facts.

Firstly, the injured party must show that the defendant owed them a duty to adhere to a particular standard of care in maintaining their property. A claimant must then show that the landowner breached the duty they owed, which caused the visitor’s injuries. Lastly, there must be damages incurred by the claimant as a result of their injuries.

If an injured party can successfully prove their injuries were due to a property owner’s negligence, they may seek to recover financial compensation from them. A qualified wrongful death attorney in Cape May County can also work with a party to recover proper compensation if there was a loss of life in a premises liability claim.

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When an individual suffers emotional or physical harm due to the injuries they endured while on another’s property, the owner may face severe penalties as a consequence of their negligence. If you or a loved one was recently harmed one another person’s property, you may have legal recourse against the property owner. To get started with your injury claim, call to schedule a consultation with an experienced Cape May County premises liability lawyer.