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Automobiles are a common feature of everyday life for many Americans. Unfortunately, car accidents often lead to serious injury and even death to those involved. If you were recently injured in an auto collision, you should consult with a Cape May County car accident lawyer to discuss your legal options. A Cape May County personal injury attorney could help you understand how to seek compensation from the negligent driver or entities that caused your injuries by providing aggressive legal representation during the pendency of your claim. Call today at If you were recently hurt in an auto collision because of someone else’s careless actions, call a Cape May County car accident lawyer today at (856) 281-3446 to speak with one of our car accident lawyers for a free consultation.

Identifying Negligent Parties in Cape May County Car Crash Cases

Depending on the circumstances of the case, one or more parties could be at-fault for causing an accident. A Cape May County auto collision attorney could help assess whether an accident victim can hold one or more entities legally responsible for his or her injuries.

Negligent Drivers

Car accidents often occur because one or more motor vehicle operators engage in negligent driving behavior. If someone harmed in a crash can prove that another driver’s reckless conduct caused the accident, he or she could bring a successful lawsuit against the at-fault motorist. One way to establish fault is to identify and gather evidence proving that the driver engaged in one or more of the following unsafe driving practices in the moments leading up to the crash:

  • Tailgating
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Speeding
  • Failure to follow traffic signals
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Texting while driving

This evidence, combined with photographs of the injuries or receipts for medical bills, could help hold a driver liable for an otherwise avoidable car crash.

Other Potentially Liable Entities

Although many wrecks happen because of driver errors, some are due to the negligence of other entities. For instance, a government agency might have designed a roadway poorly or failed to maintain it, leading to a crash. In either situation, the injured individual could name the responsible government agency as a defendant, provided that the agency is not immune from being sued.

In other cases, a defective car part or vehicle might be the cause of a crash. If this occurs, then the plaintiff could sue the product manufacturer. A local car wreck attorney could assist in identifying all possible negligent parties to a crash and provide counsel on how to win damages from them.

Comparative Negligence in Cape May County Auto Accidents

In addition to holding multiple parties responsible for a claimant’s injuries, New Jersey law also permits plaintiffs to be held partially responsible for causing car accidents. The New Jersey Comparative Negligence Act allows judges and juries to assign percentages of fault to all parties in a civil lawsuit.

If a claimant is assigned a percentage of fault, then his or her ability to recover monetary damages will be diminished by that percentage. For example, if the total amount of damages is determined to be worth $200,000, and the claimant is assigned 25 percent of the fault for the accident, then the total amount he or she could recover would be reduced by 25 percent. If a claimant is assigned more than 50 percent of the fault for an accident, however, he or she will not be able to recover any damages whatsoever.

A lawyer from our team, such as a Cape May County truck accident lawyer could help an injured party recover monetary damages by presenting evidence to prove that one or more defendants are at-fault for the crash and defend against counterclaims of comparative negligence.

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You do not need to take on the burden of litigation by yourself after a crash. A Cape May County car accident lawyer could help you take the legal steps necessary to hold the at-fault parties responsible. Contact our firm to schedule a consultation and learn what kinds of damages you could recover from a successful lawsuit.