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Front-End Car Accidents in Cape May County

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When two vehicles traveling toward each other collide, the result is a front-end car crash, sometimes called a head-on collision. Head-on collisions are often fatal, and those who survive these wrecks are likely to sustain severe injuries.

If you were hurt in a front-end car accident in Cape May County, get the sound advice you need from a local car accident attorney. If another party’s negligence caused the accident, you may be able to seek monetary damages from them to cover your out-of-pocket expenses related to the head-on crash. Reach out to one of our attorneys today for a free consultation at (856) 281-3446.

What Are the Effects of Front-End Crashes?

Head-on collisions can generate tremendous force, and damage of this magnitude could result in catastrophic injuries or even death. Front-end auto accidents might leave survivors with fractures, crushing injuries, and damage to the skull and face, including the loss of an eye or other facial structures.

Head-on crashes may also cause engine fires in some circumstances, so burns and inhalation injuries are possible, as well. The most serious injuries associated with front-end crashes are severe head trauma and spinal cord injuries that can leave a person with cognitive dysfunction and a loss of mobility and sensation in affected areas.

Medical care for such significant injuries is notoriously expensive and likely to exhaust available health insurance coverage. Such injuries might permanently impact a person’s ability to earn a living and live independently. With the help of economists and medical experts, a Cape May County attorney could assess the injured individual’s condition and prepare a demand package that seeks appropriate compensation.

Causes of Head-on Collisions

Speeding is usually a factor in head-on collisions and may be a result of driver distraction or impairment. Front-end car crashes also often happen at night, especially if either vehicle is not using its headlights. Rain or icy conditions might increase the chances of a vehicle sliding into the oncoming lane. In some cases, mechanical failure could also contribute to a front-end accident.

A capable attorney in Cape May County could investigate the circumstances surrounding a front-end car accident to identify potentially liable parties. Police reports, physical evidence at the crash scene, witness testimony, driver cell phone records, and other evidence could point to specific acts of negligence. It is then possible to claim damages from any negligent parties.

Liability for the Claimant’s Behavior

According to New Jersey Statute §2A:15-5.1, modified comparative negligence prevents a claimant whose own negligent misconduct contributed to the head-on accident from collecting all their damages. For this reason, many at-fault parties allege liability on the claimant’s part to avoid paying them the compensation they deserve.

Specifically, the law restricts a negligent plaintiff’s recoverable compensation by their assigned percentage of fault or bars them from collecting any damages if they are found more than 50 percent responsible for the front-end car accident that caused their injuries. A partially liable plaintiff may only collect damages from parties who bear more responsibility than them.

To refute allegations of shared responsibility, it is crucial for an injured claimant to retain a capable attorney who is familiar with viable arguments against modified comparative negligence. A legal representative in Cape May County could gather and present evidence to prove that the claimant’s culpability was less significant than the defendant’s.

Rely on a Cape May County Attorney to Pursue Your Front-End Car Accident Claim

A head-on collision could take an enormous physical, emotional, and financial toll, and healing might be an extended, incremental process. It might be impossible to fully recover from such significant injuries.

If you were in a front-end car accident in Cape May County, choosing to work with a local injury attorney could be a very smart move. Schedule a case review with our team as soon as possible after your accident.