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New Jersey Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

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A traumatic brain injury can leave you or a loved one incapacitated and without the ability to accomplish even basic, everyday tasks. It may change your life and affect the people around you, the family you use to support, and the loved ones who care for you.

If you or a loved one has suffered because of severe head trauma and the resulting disability, the time to speak to a qualified New Jersey traumatic brain injury lawyer is now. A catastrophic injury attorney could help compile evidence for your claim and assist you throughout the legal process.

Traumatic Brain Injury Categories

Because of the complex nature of the human brain, injuries range from mild to severe and fall into a variety of categories. With over a hundred trillion synaptic connections, the brain is a complex organ. Symptoms of a brain injury are sometimes delayed years from the injury and can include everything from a minor headache to complete loss of motor function. However, each of the following is an example of some type of physical trauma to the head that causes a compensable brain injury:

  • TBI – traumatic brain injury: open head injuries, skull fractures, and penetrating trauma
  • MTBI – mild traumatic brain injury: closed head injuries with mild force
  • PCS – post-concussion syndrome: moderate impact and blunt force injuries

Any of these traumatic injuries can have long-term consequences that you and your family will need help with. An accident lawyer in South Jersey could help guide your family through the legal process in receiving compensation for injuries suffered.

An experienced South Jersey brain injury lawyer may be able to help a patient and their family to find the care and treatment needed to regain a better quality of life after a traumatic incident. Trust a New Jersey traumatic brain injury attorney who knows the local hospitals, doctors, and courts.

Brain Injuries are a National Problem

According to the Centers for Disease Control, over five million Americans are living with a permanent disability from a brain injury and three percent of the child population in the country experiences some kind of brain injury each year. Additionally:

  • 4 million people sustain a new brain injury each year
  • 50,000 people die from a brain injury
  • 250,000 are hospitalized due to brain injuries

In New Jersey, the New Jersey Department of Health tracks brain injuries across the state. The most recent statistics are proportional to national numbers:

  • 40 New Jersey residents suffer a traumatic brain injury every day
  • 1,000 die in the state each year from TBI
  • 175,000 across the state are living with a disability because of TBI

The High Cost of Brain Injuries

No family is prepared for the impact of a traumatic brain injury. In addition to changes in quality of life and natural abilities, the financial burden can take a terrible toll. Current estimates place the cost of care for a traumatic brain injury patient at $4 million over a lifetime – well over what may be provided by most health insurers, and that is only the dollar amount. The emotional burden placed on the injured person and their loved ones and caregivers is immeasurable

A qualified and compassionate New Jersey head injury lawyer can be a strong advocate when facing a future with a brain disability. The right traumatic brain injury attorney may guide you through the complexities of the health insurance system and work with caregivers to ensure the treatment necessary for the most successful recovery and rehabilitation.

Hire a New Jersey Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Whether you have been injured and are facing a disability, or it is a loved one who sustained severe head trauma, seek the assistance of a qualified South Jersey injury lawyer. Let a local attorney fight for the benefits and settlements that you need for the future. The right head injury lawyer can be your strongest ally for the best possible recovery and protection of your legal rights.