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New Jersey Boat Accident Lawyer

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There are few things more enjoyable than spending a sunny day on New Jersey’s relaxing waterways. Unfortunately for many, this maritime fun ends in disaster. If you were harmed in a boat accident you did not cause, a well-versed South Jersey personal injury attorney may be able to help you obtain fair compensation for your losses.

While many circumstances can lead to a boating accident, water vessel crashes are often related to the actions of negligent boat operators. If the person driving the boat in your accident was not being safe or responsible, they can be held responsible for your medical expenses and other damages. A qualified New Jersey boat accident lawyer could help investigate your case and reach a fair settlement with the at-fault party or advocate for your interests in court if necessary.

Common Types of Boating Accidents in New Jersey

The circumstances leading to a boat accident will determine who is most likely at fault for the ensuing damages. It is possible for the operator of the boat, the manufacturer of its parts, or another third party to be found liable for a collision on the water.

The most common types of boating accidents in our area are:

  • Collisions involving another watercraft
  • Flooding (the vessel taking on water)
  • Collisions with a stationary object

In an accident with another vessel, it may be either operator or both operators who share fault. Flooding is often a manufacturing issue or an upkeep failure. A collision with a stationary object may be the fault of the boat operator. In any of these cases, the injured party can benefit from a thorough investigation by a seasoned accident lawyer in South Jersey to gather evidence for their case.

Contributing Factors in Local Boat Collisions

Most boating accidents are not cut and dry; there is usually a host of contributing factors. Some can be attributed to nature – such as a strong shift in the wind or an unexpected powerful wave – in which case, there is no legal cause of action. However, negligence is the most common cause of boating accidents in New Jersey. If a boat was being driven too fast or recklessly, its operator was not properly trained and licensed, or illicit substances contributed to the severity of the accident, injured claimants can rest assured that a New Jersey lawyer would take all of these factors into consideration when constructing a demand package for a boating accident.

Recoverable Damages in a Boat Crash Case

The injuries sustained in a boat crash can range from mild and easily treated to life-long and debilitating. Every case involves its own unique circumstances, but most boating accident claims seek compensation to cover medical bills, time out of work, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and reimbursement for medication. In cases of drowning, a South Jersey wrongful death lawyer could help the victim’s surviving family member file a wrongful death case to recover some of their losses. A New Jersey attorney could help determine all recoverable damages after a boat collision and help injured claimants seek proper compensation for their losses.

Our New Jersey Boat Accident Attorneys Are Available to Help

If your relaxing day on the water turned into a painful accident, a New Jersey boat accident lawyer may be your most crucial ally in building a strong case for damages. Our team is familiar with personal injury law and is here to help you fight for the best possible outcome in your boating accident case. Call today for a personal consultation.