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If you are the victim of an unwanted sexual act, New Jersey sexual assault lawyers at the law offices of Grungo Law know the serious nature of this type of crime and will not stop fighting on your behalf until justice has been served. The traumatic nature of these crimes – both physical and emotional – can be devastating.

By exposing the sexual predator and bringing him or her to justice, the victim may find some closure and peace of mind. Our South Jersey injury lawyers at strive to obtain the best possible financial settlements for clients who have experienced unimaginable pain and suffering.

Different Types of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse comes in many forms, including rape, molestation, incest and sexual harassment. In many cases, the abuser is someone that the victim knows and trusts, such as a priest, a teacher, a fellow employee or even a relative. This abuse of trust can be devastating, often leading to feelings of depression, guilt, fear and shame.

One example of this type of abuse is what’s known as “upskirting,” wherein the abuser will use a hidden camera to take upskirt videos of females without their knowledge.

While the physical wounds of a sexual assault heal over time, the emotional scars can last for years if not dealt with, often with the help of a medical professional. Many victims experience feelings of low self-esteem and have difficulty trusting people.  The recovery process can be a long and painful one involving years of counseling and therapy that can bring back distressing memories. It is common for victims to feel an overwhelming sense of guilt over the experience, but it is important that they understand that the abuse was in no way their fault, and contact a sexual abuse lawyer in New Jersey to discuss filing a claim.

Disturbing Sexual Assault Statistics

The statistics surrounding sexual abuse are alarming. Data shows that over 33 percent of all girls and 20 percent of all boys will be sexually abused by the time they are 18 years old. Like a severe physical injury, sexual assault such as rape, forced intercourse or inappropriate touching can cause irreparable emotional damage, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

There is no right or wrong way for a victim to react. Some report the incident to police immediately, while others may repress what happened only for it to haunt them years later. The recovery process is unique to each victim.

Many sexual assault victims will file a lawsuit against their abuser in civil court. While a criminal prosecution can result in potential jail time, fines and probation, a civil lawsuit will be the victim’s best chance at a sizable monetary compensation for their emotional distress due to the abuse. Unfortunately, if the defendant is not financially able to pay, it may be difficult to collect the money. In these circumstances, another source of compensation is the abuser’s personal assets. A lawyer in New Jersey is ready to help a sexual assault victim hold their abuser accountable for their harm.

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New Jersey sexual assault lawyers at Grungo Law are dedicated to helping victims of sexual abuse seek justice for the crime that was committed against them. We understand the traumatic nature of these crimes and the effect it can have on the victims. Our dedicated and compassionate team of sexual abuse attorneys are on your side and will work tirelessly to ensure that justice is served. Contact us today.